Thursday, February 12, 2015


It was fine – I was doing my usual stuff on it – then I shut it down the other night and went to bed.

But I couldn’t get to sleep, so an hour later I got up and turned the computer back on.

Got this gawd awful screen with an error message on it and couldn’t go any further. I had NOT been doing any updates or downloads.  It is quite a mystery.

Rushed it immediately to EMERGENCY (Best Buy) and they said they will have to restore it to its original status – meaning I lose everything on it !!  EVERYTHING !!

They did call to say they tried to fix it without me losing all my files but NO GO !

Thankfully I had done a back up only about a week before so I didn’t lose a whole lot.

I’m using my little 10” mini computer which is totally useless and oh sooooo slow.

Hoping to get my main computer back tomorrow and then begins the re-installing software and hopefully will be able to figure out how to restore from my back up.

I’ve had a computer pretty much from Day One of home computers and in all that time I have never gotten a virus nor had any problems.

Now this is twice just within the last six months.

Me Nerves !!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Yup,  I’m STILL in Quartzsite !!  I’m going into my FIFTH week here.  Think this has been the longest consecutive time I’ve stayed here…….or any place for that matter….at least during the Winter month.  But why move when I’m perfectly content here.

I will be moving back to Yuma sometime later this week though and before you know it, it will be time to start heading North….UGH !!

I did another ‘test’ of my tanks.  Three weeks has always been my timing but recently I tested it and went 26 days.  At that point I didn’t want to push it any further.

This time I decided to do another ‘test’ and went FOUR FULL WEEKS !  Gotta like that !

During my time here I met with a couple of other solo RV women for lunch etc.

I first met Barbara back in November, 2011 and blogged about it HERE.  As I was pulling into her campsite she took this pic.  I love it !

I have been following KIM'S BLOG since Day One and yet had never met her “in person”.  Came close to it two years ago when she came to Q for the first time.  But that was the year I got very sick so our planned meeting never took place.

I met JEANNE when I stopped in Leasburg Dam State Park on my way West last Fall.  I blogged about that HERE.

And at our first lunch out I met NANCY for the first time.

Our first lunch was at Sweet Darlene’s – I like it there, the food is good.  Barbara was the only one who remembered to take her camera so therefore she is not in this pic.


L – R – Nancy, Jeanne, Me, Kim

Another time we decided to go out for Brunch.  Mountain Quail Cafe serves breakfast all day and I had never been there before.  Food was great !!




Barbara was too hungry to wait for a picture of her ‘full’ meal !!  LOL


This time we asked the waitress to take our pic so that all of us could get in it.


And then there was PIE !  But I’ll save that for another post.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This was Joe & Tara’s first time at Q and first time boondocking !!  They had a lot to learn !!  LOL  But learn they did and very quickly I might add.

Joe bought a small, portable solar system and with a little bit of conserving it took care of their electrical needs quite nicely.

I think I might have them hooked on boondocking as they also do not like the RV Parks – or RV Parking Lots as I call them.

Of course several visits to the hundreds of vendors were made.


Tara comes out sporting her new cowboy hat !


We also spent quite a bit of time in town looking at the 5th wheel toy haulers as that will be their next rig in the near future.

Bennie and Milo get along so well.  You rarely saw one without the other.  This day was a little chilly so they are both wearing their Harley Davidson sweaters.



Yup, Definitely best buds.  Bennie very seldom wants to be on the couch but if Mr. Milo was there then that’s where he wanted to be.


All is not fun and games here around Q.  Installation work was required.  I saw this Screen Door Cross Bar on another rig and simply had to have it !!


Joe got to work right away installing it for me.


Of course with my rig there are two doors so two of everything had to be gotten.  Love the finished product !


Then I got this little screen door opener which goes into the slider.


For $4.50 I figured it was worth a try.  Every RV’er knows what a pain it is to open those screen doors.


Now this little opener, combined with the cross bar, sure makes it much easier.


Oh, Here’s another FIRST for me !!  I was over at RV Lifestyles picking up a part for something or other.  I parked next to a motorcycle (a Harley of course !  LOL) that had the back trunk cut out and a large dog sitting in it waiting for its Owner.

When I came out of the store the Owner was getting ready to leave and said to me “Are you Sassy’s on ‘Da Road” ?  You could have knocked me over with a feather !!  The guy (Al I believe his name was) said that he follows my Blog – never comments though – and recognized the roadrunner on the Tracker.  Hi Al !!

Monday, February 2, 2015


Yup,  I’m still in Quartzsite.  Been over three weeks now.  Apparently “I” haven’t told “ME” it’s time to leave yet.  Still nicely content here.

Joe & Tara were here for almost two weeks and during that time we took a ride to Parker Dam.  Joe’s Sister (Eve) was visiting from British Columbia so she and Tara drove behind us in the car.


I don’t like the ride from Q to Parker – done it numerous times and it’s quite boring and definitely not scenic.


My throttle must have gotten stuck (hehehehe) and Joe had trouble keeping up with me !  We left Eve & Tara in the dust and therefore had to pull over before entering Parker for them to catch up.



But once you get to Parker and after it’s a gorgeous ride.


We stopped at this area to enjoy the view and let the dogs have a wander.


What a great spot this is for a short ride, bring your lunch and sit back and read a book for the afternoon.  I must remember that for next year.



Joe’s Sister Eve…..



Just had to take this picture even though it’s something that you would have to see in person as the picture simply cannot capture it – don’t know how deep the water is but it was crystal clear !!


And look what we saw as we continued our ride !!


We simply had to pull over for a visit.


Gorgeous scenery !


The other side of the Dam as we were leaving.


Oh, for my “Northern Friends” don’t forget…….this is in January !!