Saturday, January 24, 2015


Love watching these things flying around in the sky.  Sure would like to be up there !


During my time at the Pilot Knob LTVA I decided to ‘test’ my tanks.  I know I can go three weeks before I have to deal with them – but perhaps I could go longer ??

At 26 Days I decided not to push it any further – but I could have.  I still had fresh water left and there was absolutely no signs of the other two tanks backing up.

There’s certainly an advantage with having a larger rig = larger holding tanks.

AND I don’t feel like I ‘conserve’ a whole lot.  I think the conserving methods I’ve implemented have just become a way of life for me now and therefore ‘normal’.  I (almost) never go longer than 2 days without having a full shower.

I decided to stop at Imperial Dam on my way to Quartzsite for two reasons.  The facilities there are much better than Q if for no other reason than there are more of them and therefore seldom any line-ups.

Also because BARBARA and JEANNE were there so I would get to spend a little quiet time with them.


Bennie & Katie getting re-acquainted – some uncertainty there !  LOL


Barbara set this up but Bennie was NOT happy !


Then Jeanne added hers to it to make it much bigger.  We put the ‘kids’ in the ‘playpen’ so the adults could relax and chat.


The three of us had a nice visit and then retreated to our own homes.  I moseyed on the following day knowing I would see these Folks again in Q.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Well I’ve been in Quartzsite two weeks already and STILL haven’t finished blogging about when I was in Yuma !!

While in Yuma you simply HAVE to go to Lin’s Buffett for the best Chinese food ever !  And the selection is like nowhere else I’ve seen.

A couple of other friends were in the general area that I was so we all decided to go to Lin’s.







Nobody left there hungry that’s for sure.  Plus it was so nice getting to know these folks a little bit better.  We all pretty much only see each other once a year so this small gathering was very special.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I arrived back in Quartzsite yesterday and was really looking forward to getting back here.

Things are in (almost) full swing here.  The flags are flying; the balloons are flying; LOTS of people here; all the vendors are open now and the Big Tent is even up – although that doesn’t open until next weekend.

Meanwhile, back in Yuma I spent three weeks at the Pilot Knob LTVA.  This spot is turning out to be my favourite place.

Can you see my rig ??


Normally I go waaaaay in the back and it is so peaceful and quiet there.  Can’t hear the trains or Interstate traffic noise at all.


This time I decided to go more in the middle and that worked out very well also.  Never get tired of those sunsets !!


While I was at Pilot Knob DIANNE & TOM; CAROL & STEVE; TINA & JEFF were over on Ogilby Rd. in one section and JEAN & SKIP in another part.

The following picture is the first three couples set-up.  Isn’t the picture just amazing.  Well it was taken by a PROFESSIONAL photographer who is Carol.  Dianne now has it as her header photo and I don’t blame her.

04I dropped by to visit them one day and Dianne asked me to drop something off over to Jean.  When I stopped by there they told me that none other than the VERY FAMOUS BAYFIELD BUNCH were parked just up the road.  WELL I simply HAD to swing by for a quick hello.

Bennie and Pheebs meet for the first time !


A little beep beep on the horn and out comes Al – as always WITH HIS CAMERA !!


Nice seeing them again – even if for a few minutes.  First time I meet them “in person” was just last year and I blogged about it HERE.


Maybe next year I’ll run into them again and actually sit down for a few minutes and talk to them !!

Despite the smile on my face in the following picture I do believe I was saying something like “Will you put away that f’ing camera !!”  LOL


Jean, Skip and I spent some time going to the various markets that are in Yuma and one day to Algodones – didn’t buy a thing there !!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I’ve been back in Yuma now for over three weeks so will be heading back to Q very soon.  Looking forward to that.  It will be BUSY there now.


Figured it’s about time that I try and get my Blog somewhat up to date and do a few posts about my stay here – although I tell ya I have been doing VERY LITTLE and that’s always fine by me.


Many of you follow along with the adventures of GEORGE & SUZIE and see the amazing meals he prepares each night !

Well they were staying at the Pilot Knob RV Park and I had just pulled into the LTVA right behind them so they dropped by my place one day for a visit.  I had just arrived and was doing my ‘set-up’ so timing was perfect as I sure needed a break.


Naturally the subject of his amazing meals came up and he invited me over to their rig for dinner.  Now that was one invitation I wasn’t about to refuse !


While we were visiting outside JEAN & SKIP happened to stop by for a quick hello.


George doesn’t even look recognizable without his hat !!  And Bennie got cold so I had to wrap him up in my jacket.




George kept saying not to worry if I couldn’t eat it all as I certainly could take left-overs home. 


Well I can assure you THAT was not a problem as you can see by the lack of ‘evidence’ on my VERY empty plate.


I even got sent home with muffins George had made the previous day AND some of his home-made turkey soup that he had in the freezer.


BTW,  I received an e-mail this morning from a friend who lives in Southern Ontario.  She said it was MINUS 26C there this morning – that’s MINUS 15F.  Guess I best not be complaining too much about the cooler than normal temps we’ve been going through !!