Thursday, January 30, 2014


But it’s all relative I suppose.  For me, if I have more than ONE thing to do in a WEEK – that’s busy !!  LOL

While others need and want to be on ‘da go all the time.


There are Bloggers and then there are BLOGGERS !!!!

When you have a whopping 851 Followers……

And you are closing in on 4,000,000 Page Views– that’s FOUR MILLION Folks !!.

And you have articles written about you in the LA Times no less !!!

Well that makes you a CELEBRITY BLOGGER in my most humble of opinions.

So I’m at the Laundromat one day last week.  While the clothes were drying I went for a little spin on the bike.  When I come back I see this very familiar VW van in the parking lot.  I should know this van very well because I followed along on its complete rebuild.

It can’t be !!??  The last I read on his Blog he was still in LA.

Yes, it was none other than Glenn from TO SIMPLIFY !!

I met Glenn my first year on the road.  Read about it HERE

We chatted in the parking lot for awhile.  He was only there for a short while as he was considering whether or not he would head on to Yuma (it was late in the day) or just stay in Q for the night.

Somehow – and I honestly have no memory of how - Paul & Nina's names came into the conversation and Glenn mentioned that he would love to meet them.  So off we went over to La Posa South (yes, with my laundry still on the back of the bike !!!) and I was thrilled to be able to introduce these two FAMOUS BLOGGERS to each other.

Glenn came back to ‘my house’ and we sat around and chatted for several hours.  What a delightful young man he is and there was no shortage of topics to talk about.


Our meet up was definitely meant to be as another five minutes and we would have missed each other.

The next morning we spent some time together again and then he headed off to Yuma.  Glenn took this picture of our two rigs.


Size doesn’t matter.

Another day TOM & DIANNE dropped by for a visit.  And later so did Nina & Paul.


Once again, no shortage of topics to talk about, and a wonderful opportunity to get to know both of these couples a little bit better.


But the main attraction that day was Polly and Bennie.


Bennie absolutely LOVES Polly – which continues to amaze me because Bennie is (now that he’s older) now afraid of larger dogs.


I think Polly was being a good girl and ‘tolerating’ Bennie.


Bennie kept following Polly wherever she went.  In the following picture I’m sure Bennie is saying “I love you.  Will you marry me ?”  LOL



And in the next picture I’m sure Polly is saying to her Mom “Mom, Save me !!!  Will you get that little runt away from me !!”


Another great visit with fellow fulltime RV’ers who are quickly becoming friends.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


JERI (and others) of the Class-less Class of the Escapee Group organized a Potluck one evening.  The purpose of which was to honour Lee – a long time Member of Escapees and the longest full-timer in the Group.


We all signed this plaque she had made up for him.  I think he was very pleased.


And once again, for my Northern friends, check out the beautiful sky and another perfect day here in the Paradise I call Arizona.


I took a couple of short videos as Jeri was reading to Lee what had been written.



There were over 30 people there – some I’ve met before – others I met for the first time.


What a fun and relaxing time it was.



Nobody left hungry that’s for sure.






Then it was decided that a Group picture was in order.  AND we had a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in our Group.

She sure had her work cut out for her trying to get this Group organized !!

I took the following two pics while she was waiting for the sun to go down or at least behind a cloud (what cloud !!?? LOL) in order to get a proper picture.



I tried to help all the squinting by holding up a piece of cardboard to shield them from the sun.


I told them donations were accepted but nary a penny I got for all my hard work !!


p.s. I totally STOLE those two pics from Jeri’s Blog – don’t tell her !!

Finally the conditions were PERFECT and the picture was taken.


Isn’t it a great picture !!  THANKS CAROL !!

Then came the roaring camp fire.


And for our further amusement came the lighting of…..hmmmmm, don’t even know what to call it.  Some kind of hot air thingie.


They let it go and up to the sky it floated.



Just another great day in Quartzsite.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


There’s simply no describing Quartzsite at this time of year.  Yet I continue to try.

I read somewhere that in the month of January there are anywhere from 750,000 to 1 1/2 MILLION RV’ers here in this tiny little town.

There are 4 LTVA’s (Long Term Visitors Areas) and numerous other free BLM spots – usually restricted to 14 days, however, seldom does anybody monitor that.

I chose the LTVA this year and the least busy one.  There are two close to where the “BIG TENT” is and those are jam packed because people can walk to all the festivities and vendors.

Then there’s the one across the road from me and that one is also very busy because that’s where the water and dumps are.

Two short videos from my roof:

I do not belong to any Groups; Clubs; Memberships etc. etc. as I prefer to go my own way and join others when/if I want to.  That’s what works for me.

My first year on the road I met JIM & SANDIE and we’ve become great friends since.  Because of meeting them I’ve met several other Folks from the Escapee Group and they’ve kinda adopted me into their Class-less Class.

This year though I decided not to park where they were and just visit.


Through many discussions on the Forums I knew there would be a lot of people and the area they chose was not that big – so rigs were parked side by side and nose to bumper.


JERI is part of this Group and is a born leader/organizer.  She loves to put different activities and events together.

One of these activities was setting up a Swap Table.  Put your stuff there that you no longer need/want – and take anything you might need/want.

I got rid of more stuff !!  Love it !



Jeri posing with her ‘new’ hat – there was a PINK one there that she wanted me to wear ---- NOT !!


Just another great fun day at Quartzsite.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Bet you think I’m going to tell you about some amazing glittering lights I saw or perhaps an Elvis impersonator sighting.

Nope, But some great Folks I met in the past came to visit.

I met Dean & Deb – and the adorable Toby - last Spring as I was heading North.

I decided to stop in Vegas for a few days and they were kind enough to ‘host’ me. The blogging of my ‘adventures’ in Vegas start HERE.

We’ve stayed in touch over the last year and Dean now regularly follows my Blog.

Toby and Bennie getting re-acquainted.


These folks, while not full-timers yet, do take several extended vacations in their rig throughout the year.  I knew they had planned on being here in Q for a few days.

Deb & Toby.


They arrived here before I did and I e-mailed them that I would contact them once I got settled.  The following afternoon I see this Jeep heading my way.

Toby totally stealing Bennie’s toys.  Bennie is NOT impressed but he was a good boy about it.


The amazing thing is they FOUND ME !!  They didn’t even know where I was boondocking other than at one of the LTVA’s.  Now for those of you that don’t know Q at this time of year – well let’s just say there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of rigs here in the FOUR different LTVA’s.

Toby eventually took every one of Bennie’s toys out.


It was nothing short of a miracle that they were able to locate me in all the masses of rigs that are here.

We had a wonderful visit, catching up and just talking about everything.  The following day we met again for lunch.  THANKS for lunch guys – but Deb you are a sneaky one !!

It was so great seeing these guys again and wonderful to know that I now have friends in Vegas and always a place to boondock.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


WAS going to be a larger inverter and price how much it would cost to switch more electrical outlets over to that inverter.

The one I have now, that is part of the rig, is only 600W and there are only two electrical outlets (both on the passenger side up by the passenger seat) that work with the inverter.

With a larger inverter I could run things like the microwave, hair dryer, vacuum, without turning on the generator. I certainly have enough solar/batteries to be able to use these high powered things.  Well as long as I used them for short periods of time and in the morning.  That way the gorgeous Arizona sun had all day to replenish what they took out of the batteries.

But then I got to thinking.  Why would I want to do that ??  The number of times I need to use my generator for those purposes are so few and for such a short period of time.  In some cases mere seconds. And these inverters are VERY expensive !

So while it would be nice, I nixed that idea as the cost just wouldn’t justify the benefits.

Then I decided this year’s upgrade to the rig would be a Tire Monitoring System.  I’ve read many a horror story on the various Blogs about accidents that could have been prevented had they had this system.

But this is where the problem is – for me.  Like everything else, there are just sooooo many Manufacturers of this system and each owner swears by the one they have.

Is one better than another ?  Is one more expensive than another ?  Oh gone are the days when I could mentally multitask and absorb as much information as I was willing to read.

As luck would have it, right around that time I read a post on NINA'S BLOG that they were also going to be getting this system this year.  And naturally she did all the research on this item and had decided on a specific one.

I immediately decided I was going to TOTALLY STEAL from Nina and simply get the one they had decided on !! Winking smile

Then, again, as luck would have it, I met this wonderful young couple while boondocking in Borrego Springs.  We agreed to get together here in Q and perhaps be able to make a better deal with buying two systems.

So this is the system I’ll be getting - CLICK HERE.  Nina and Paul will need the 10 sensor one as they have a toad.

I’ve been in touch with Nina and Paul and she has already checked out the Vendors and the pricing.  I told her to let me know when “we” are ready to buy.

Works for me !!

Friday, January 17, 2014


Arrived back in Q again yesterday.  The "BIG TENT" opens tomorrow and all areas around Q are PACKED with RV’s.

Before I left the Yuma area Jim & Sandie came to get me and a group of us went to this fantastic Chinese Buffet place.  What a feast !!  Certainly the largest I’ve ever been to and the selection was amazing.

Pop over to SANDIE'S BLOG or TONI'S BLOG to see the pictures.  I, of course, forgot to bring my camera.

Here is a group picture that I totally STOLE from Toni’s Blog.

Jan 13_10330

Before I left Yuma I had my usual chores to do – propane, gas, Walmart stock up etc.  I stopped at the LTVA at Imperial Dam to spend the night so I could do the tanks the following morning before heading to Q. 

The line-ups at the dump stations in Q at this time of year are usual quite long.  And this is a job I sure don’t like feeling rushed doing !!

A beautiful full moon night.


And what a beautiful night it was.  The area where I pulled in was exceptionally quiet.  I loved it.  When I was out with Bennie during the evening I did not hear one generator running.  All the Folks that were near me had solar.

And look who came to visit the following morning.



As you can see, in this area of Imperial Dam Folks like their privacy and park waaaay away from others.


While others like to park a bit closer.


There were a bunch of Building across the road but I have no idea what they all are for.  I did see though a sign saying “SOLAR” and pointing in that direction.  Great to have that convenience right where you are boondocking.


It’s really too bad that the LTVA at Imperial Dam is so far from Yuma (about 60 miles round trip).  It has numerous places to boondock and only the part where the dump stations are are crowded.

So I arrive in Q and got myself settled next to my old friends from waaaaay back – Rita and Pat. 

Took a quick scoot over to La Posa South to see some friends from the Escapees group- Jeri/Terry; Dianne/Tom; Julie and Lee and then met Steve.  There were plenty others but they were not around.

I’ve boondocked with them the last few years but this year decided not to.  La Posa South is the most crowded area and the rigs are parked side by side and back to back.  So this year I’ll pop over for visits.

We got together for dinner last night.


It’s gotta be 20 years or more since I’ve had KFC !!!

Had a wonderful evening just hanging out.


This morning it was COLD !!  But with that gorgeous Arizona sunshine it doesn’t take long to warm up.  My little guy was shivering – but a smart boy he is….


Lots more about Q and meeting up with friends in posts to come.