Monday, December 30, 2013


I was betwixed and between about going to Borrego Springs – mostly because of the distance from where I was – 260 Miles/418KMS round trip.  And of course that means extra $$$$ in my gas expense.

This Spring will see me travelling across the Country so of course that will be BIG $$$$ in gas money – and there are those gorgeous CHROME wheels I really NEED for the bike !!

But I’m sure glad I did go.  I loved it there and really enjoyed spending time with JEAN & SKIP; running into TOM & DIANNE whom I met briefly last year at Q; and meeting PAUL & NINA.  Only had two brief chats with Nina as she flew off to France to spend Christmas with her Family.  But Paul and I had a couple of lovely chats. What a sweetie he is !!!  You just wanna pinch his cheeks he’s so damn cute !!  LOL


This is Clark Dry Lake that we explored one day…


This picture I got off the Internet…


Was this once really a Lake – as the name implies ??



Jean, Skip and I enjoyed several late afternoon fires….


Ivan drops by to visit for a few minutes.


LOVE talking to other RV’ers – particularly full-timers.  Always learning new stuff.  It was forecasted to be very windy one day.  Naturally, the awning comes in and if it’s really, really bad I bring my slides in also so that the toppers don’t tear.

Well that makes for very close living quarters so I only do that when absolutely necessary.

Then I noticed Paul tying a rope over his awning topper and securing it underneath.


Hmmmm.  Got chatting with him about it and it was something another RV’er told him so now I’ll be getting myself a very long length of rope and will be doing the same thing the next windy day.

Tom & Dianne hosted a campfire one evening with some of their friends and invited us along.



The beautiful sunset reflecting off the mountains as the sun was setting.



Paul comes back just in time to help me with setting up the ramps – but more importantly Bennie & Polly get some play time before I leave.


I am absolutely amazed with this as Bennie has grown afraid of larger dogs since he’s gotten older.



He’s even not too fussy about smaller dogs now especially if they are high energy.  He wouldn’t go near little Sophie & Louie and even took a snap at Sophie one day when she got too close.

“Mom, Can Polly come live with us ??”


So there ends my almost three weeks in Borrego Springs and it is a place where I would definitely go back to.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Bennie and I take a short little stroll each day – my poor little guy is so dirty now he just melts into the colour of the sand.


He likes to dally though ensuring ALL the bushes are watered.  But then he realizes that Mom is far ahead.

“Wait for me Mom !!”


Every Friday morning there is a Farmer’s Market here.  Jean, Skip and I went once.  I had already stocked up so didn’t need anything.  And it’s a good thing I didn’t need eggs – at $8.00 a dozen I don’t think so !!!



Skip relaxing enjoying a late afternoon fire.


Jean/Skip have THREE dogs they travel with.  Jeeze, I’m hard pressed having to handle one.  But Sophie and Louie are really cute and play well together.


Took this short little video to TORTURE my Northern riding friends.  Gerard you still stalking me ???

Rode my bike from here to Brawley to meet up with my friend Lee for lunch.  That’s about a 130 Mile/209KM round trip.


Lee took a fall in his rig recently so I wanted to see for myself that he was recovering well.


Will I ever tire of these sunsets ?  NOT !!



Here’s another one….


Monday, December 23, 2013


Jean & Skip had taken me about 1/2 up this Mountain Road when I first got here – that’s where we saw those Bighorn Sheep.  I wanted to go back and ride that Mountain on the bike.

This is a very popular motorcycle ride especially for those sports bike crowd who take those curves practically on their sides scraping their knees !  Not this OLD rider !!  haha

It reminded me a lot of riding THE DRAGON except this road is all uphill – or downhill as the case may be.

I reached the top just past a little community called Ranchita which is at an elevation of 4,065’ and it was COLD and very, very windy.

Riding up this mountain, with its many twists, curves and completely blind corners, you have to stay focused – very focused !!!  No picture taking while riding I can assure you.

So I got these few pics from the Internet to give you somewhat of an idea….







This is the end point where I had to make a decision on which way to go…


The other option was to go back down the Mountain – which was the one I chose.


This is the only picture I took – from the safety of being OFF the bike.


It was a great little ride and I’m glad I did it – BUT it certainly wasn’t a relaxing one so won’t be doing it again.


Monday, December 16, 2013


So if you’ve been following along at all you know that I met JEAN & SKIP while stopped in Overton, NV on my way South this year.

WELL !  I haven’t been able to get rid of them since !!!  Surprised smileWinking smileWinking smile

Here is their set-up boondocking in Borrego Springs and I’m right behind them.  Pretty cosy huh !


This is my set-up right behind them….


Last year I met TOM & DIANNE while in Quartzsite with that Escapee crowd.  Didn’t get to see much of them though because that was during the time I was sick and therefore spent most of my time inside my rig.

Turns out they are boondocking here also so we’ve visited several times already.  Great Folks !!

They are hosting a camp fire tomorrow night and invited Jean, Skip and myself over.

In my last post I mentioned some “famous” Bloggers boondocking not too far from where we are.  Coming back in from Town the other day we see that a new rig had pulled in not far from where we were.

Check out that solar !!!


Turns out it’s none other than NINA & PAUL (and of course Polly).  I have been following their Blog for several years now and was thrilled to finally meet them in person !!

These Folks are unique in that they are YOUNG – LOL – and didn’t wait until they got OLD (like the rest of us) before they started their full-time RV journey.

Nina’s Blog is very popular (with almost 1,600 Followers) due to her wonderful writing style and is always full of great tips and information pertaining to living in an RV – and in particular boondocking.

I was particularly amused – and quite surprised – observing Bennie and Polly interacting.  Since Bennie has gotten older he is now very afraid of larger dogs.


Well he wasn’t afraid of Polly !  As we chatted the two dogs walked all around the campsite with Bennie following Polly wherever she went.  This is very unusual for my little guy.  There were several points when they were nose to nose but I wasn’t fast enough with the camera.


Ahhhh, Another beautiful Arizona sunset…


Saturday, December 14, 2013


The day after I arrived here Jean & Skip took me into ‘town’ to see the sights.  We drove through this quaint and adorable little place.

Then we drove up this Mountain that was full of sharp curves and switchbacks.  I was told the elevation is about 4,000’ but we didn’t go all the way up.  Gotta do that one day on the bike.

I noticed ‘something’ on the side of the road that I thought was perhaps another sculpture.  I said “Oh, Look at that !”  Skip glanced over and immediately pulled off the road.

Do you see it ?


There were TWO !!  Here’s a close – up.


These creatures were absolutely amazing, standing completely still right on the edge of the mountain.



Far off in the distance is the Salton Sea – now that’s another story.  I’m hoping to explore that a little bit one day on the bike…..well maybe ???


Then we drove around and they showed me just a few of the sculptures that are all around the town.

“Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs envisioned the idea of adding 'free standing art' to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by 'Perris Jurassic Park' owner/artist/welder Ricardo Breceda based in Perris, California.

“….thanks to the artwork of Ricado Breceda, you can see large metal sculptures of these ancient creatures on display in Borrego Springs. There are more than 130 sculptures throughout the valley, including animals that live here today, important figures in Borrego Springs history, and others that are purely fanciful!”


They are truly awesome to look at and admire the detail that went into each one.



The tail of this dragon is on one side of the road…


And the rest of its body is on the other side.


I think this one was one of my favourites !



We only saw a few and as stated before, there are over one hundred of these around town.

Just google Borrego Springs and you will find a ton of information.

And the day was still not over.  As we headed back to our spot we met two fellow Bloggers.  One is a very famous Blogger – some would say INFAMOUS !!  And I would agree.  But more about that in my next post.