Monday, August 26, 2013


I can’t remember if I blogged about this last Winter – but one day Lee and I were walking into a Restaurant in Quartzsite, Arizona and I saw someone sitting in a booth that looked familiar.

Turns out it was indeed a Friend of mine from W A Y back in the day when I lived in Vancouver in the 70’s !!!  I hadn’t seen her in 30 years !!

We’ve stayed in touch and they have now dropped by for a visit here at the Park a couple of times.  One day I see this VERY FANCY SMANCHY Volvo Convertible pull in – certainly no one I know that for certain !! LOL

We had a great visit and chatted for hours. Then took a little stroll around the Park. SUDDENLY BENNIE WAS MISSING !! WHERE DID HE GO ??

Yup, It was another HOT day and my precious little boy was taking care of himself by settling in the shade.


This picture was taken as they were ready to leave and put up the top to show me how it works.


Then they put the top back down…

Another pic of my boy resting in one of his favourite spots….


When I decide to spend time in my ‘back yard’ Bennie enjoys being there also.



During the hottest of the HOT days I discover that my A/C isn’t working !!!  After some trouble shooting I discover it’s only the one in the Bedroom that isn’t working.  BTW, This rig has THREE A/C’s !!

I wasn’t going to bother to spend the money to get it looked at because as long as the one in the living area was working that kept it cool enough to be comfortable.

But the Park Owner showed up one day with his A/C guy to have a look at it.  Not sure why he did that ??



He left – not knowing exactly what the problem was – saying he had to check something on his computer.  Never did hear back from him ??  Fine by me.

Another day I decided to pop over to the SASQUATCH INN to get something to eat.  This place is a VERY popular spot for motorcycles to stop as they enjoy the gorgeous ride along the # 7 route.  So I figured the food must be good.  It is !!

While there I see this woman outside having a smoke – wearing a T-Shirt that proudly and bolding said NEWFOUNDLAND.  Naturally I had to have a chat with her.  Turns out her and her husband are from Central NL but have been living here in B.C. for over 25 years now.

She was VERY excited to see my NL License Plates !!


Got an e-mail yesterday morning from MAW:

“Turkey dinner at 5.00 what u doing? “

Hmmm – Ahhhh – DUHHHHHH.  And very quick reply was sent – “I’ll be there !!”

An actual real cooked meal was not something I was about to turn down !!  Turkey with all the trimmings – mashed potatoes; veggies; stuffing; gravy etc. etc.  It was delicious !!!  Thanks MAW !

AND I got sent home with leftovers !!

I really haven’t been doing much so that’s about all I have to report.

I’m still undecided as to where (if anywhere) I am going for September and October.  Even though I’ve been at this Park now for THREE MONTHS I’m still enjoying it here.

I did spend some time in Osoyoos in the Fall the last time I was here and I did like it there a lot.

Gonna have to make up my mind soon though.

I’ve started to get a bit antsy though to get back on the road.  Would love to start a very slow trek South right now but it’s still way too early.  The earlier I go – well, the earlier I have to return in the Spring and that is not pleasant.  So I’m going to try and hold back until the end of October.

Friday, August 23, 2013


These pictures were taken the day before the Wedding.   All systems were GO and the weather even co-operated – despite the forecast for 90% chance of RAIN.

It was HOT and HUMID.  Poor “one N” Glen was busy trying to keep myself cool.


I won’t even mention here what part of his body he was ‘cooling of’ in this pic !!  Thankfully I was a few seconds delayed with the taking of this pic !!!  Surprised smile


The lots Owners and Seasonals set up a cover and sat around watching all the goings on.  This is Mr. Tiga (Tega sp ??) being royally spoiled by having his Daddy chauffeur him around.


Despite the forecast for 90% chance of rain for the entire weekend both days turned out to be gorgeous.


The tent where the reception was going to be held looked very pretty light up at night. Those clouds look a bit nasty though don’t they.


Bennie and I headed over to MAW’s in Chilliwack around Noon.  I wasn’t going to go that early but figured I might as well.

Took these pics on my way out – showing the tables all decorated.



I came back the following day around mid-day.  All reports of the wedding were GOOD !!  They shut the music down shortly after Midnight but most people didn’t get to bed until almost 4:00AM.  And I don’t just mean the wedding crowd – also the lot owners/regulars here.

Apparently everybody had a great time and once again there were NO incidents !!  Now that’s pretty good when you have that many young people combined with (I’m sure) a LOT of alcohol.

It was pretty quiet here on Sunday as most people were nursing their hang-overs !!  LOL

So once again we have the beautiful bliss of peace and quiet here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT


I think this little guy was likely there when I discovered the other one.

He was much smaller than the first one and tucked right underneath the rubber surrounding the door.




Oh I see my EX-friend Bob just posted a comment on my last post:

“ posting for a week.....did you catch the bouquet at the wedding last Saturday and ???????”

Bob, And here I thought you were my friend !!  Surely you wouldn’t wish THAT on me would you !!  Oh Me Nerves !!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Well we’ve had a Reunion and a Church Group here.  This weekend there’s going to be a Wedding held here at the Park.

I wonder when it’s over will they (the Park people) say “What were we thinking ?? Never Again !!”  or “That wasn’t so bad – we’d do it again.”

Wednesday these guys arrived:


They started setting up their tents:


Although the weather looked questionable I decided to go for a run on the bike.  It turned out to be a very HOT day but NO RAIN.

When I left I really didn’t know exactly where I was going.  I ended up in Boston Bar.  What a gorgeous ride it was.  The road conditions were amazing; the scenery spectacular.  Lots of interesting and very scenic places I could have stopped.  Will definitely do that run again.

I stopped here for a late lunch:


I had previously been told that the food was really good at this place.  It was.

But it was oh soooo hot and HUMID.

I ate in their outdoor patio area because I had Bennie with me.  It was like sitting in a sauna.  I ate quick so I could get back on the bike to get some air flowing on me.

This sign was in the bathroom – OH how I can relate !!!



When I got back the tents were all up.  But notice the sky !  YUP, Them’s RAIN clouds.  And rain it did !!


On Thursday these guys arrived:


The Park has three bathrooms – certainly enough for a normal weekend whereby most people use their own bathrooms in their own rig.  But not nearly enough to handle the 300+ people that are expected to be here for the weekend – with a lot of young people in tents.

Also on Thursday the guys were busy setting up the tables under the tents:


Saturday is the actual day for the Wedding – complete with a Live Band at night.  I have my escape route planned !!

With all the gorgeous weather we’ve had since the beginning of July NOW it starts to rain.  And rain it will be on this poor young couples Wedding – 90% chance of rain tomorrow.  They are gonna need those tents.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


If you’re gonna live with me then ya gotta share the expenses !!

Check out what I discovered this morning while I was filling up my Fresh Water Tank.





Joe got rid of him for me.  Yes the little guy was cute and all – BUT……

Sunday, August 11, 2013


The consensus from my post of the August long weekend was clearly that ``it was one CROWDED campground``.  It sure was - there`s no doubt about that – however, no more crowded that any other Campground on a long weekend.

And some people wonder why I LOVE boondocking so much !!  My first year on the road I went to RV Parks, Campgrounds, State Parks etc. all the time.  But once I got a taste for Boondocking I knew that was the answer for me.

The cost was a factor no doubt – but the main factor for me was the solitude that Boondocking offers.  I also quickly learned that Boondocking is no fun if you are always worried about the level of juice left in your house batteries and if you had to put up with that awful noise that the generator makes in order to keep them charged.

I decided to do a Post with my responses to the Comments made.

My Buddy Byron said:

Of course fishing is peaceful and all that stuff.....but keep to riding that beauty Harley, it's better therapy for ya!! Love the pictures and the stories......

Byron my Friend, don’t worry – I don’t plan on giving up riding my beautiful Harley anytime soon. Although I do see a Trike in my future ! You and Judy really should get your butts in gear and join me !!

Bob said:

Jaysus! Talk about packin' 'em in like sardines! We would see that at places like Grand Bend (at the drags) but I'm not sure I want to be in an actual campground that was that crowded. At least you knew when it would be over, plus you had your really awesome 'back yard'.
That fishing thing would be OK until you catch a fish. Then it's just too much excitement for me I'm afraid.


Bob, I am soooo glad I have my ‘back yard’.  It really made such a difference for me. I think the `crowding` though was very typical of any RV Park – if you took an aerial view like I did.

Linda said:

A weekend of choosing whether to open your slide or your awning because there's not room for both. Always makes me glad weekenders go home. At least the band played music I could have enjoyed. :)


Linda, I was surprised - not that the Band was good – but more that it wasn’t BOOMING LOUD.  Very pleasant indeed and they shut it down at 11:00PM.


Sandie said:

My heavens - they really do pack 'em in. And week-enders always have so much energy as they try to cram all their fun into a couple of days. Definitely not peaceful. But it didn't last too long. If it went on for a week that would be way too much. Enjoy your peace and quiet now.

I meant to tell you - come to AJ and Jim'll take you out fishing. Can't guarantee any catching but the boat ride sure is nice.


Sandie, Amazingly enough there were NO incidents during the weekend !!  And with that number of people I thought that was pretty good.  Also there were times when there was practically no-one around !  Out on the water I figured.


Jill Thomas said:

I'm with you on the "peace and quiet" thing. That's one overly packed campground there!

It was crowded for sure, but believe it or not, there actually were still several campsites still available. I’ve checked around in the various campgrounds in the area and there’s not a lot to choose from.  I even checked out some RV Parks in Harrison Hot Springs – now they are crowded !!


Jeri said:

WOW! That place was really packed! I would have been happy to see the weekend pass and have all those people leave.


Oh Jeri, I REALLY was !!  But I sure can`t complain as this was the first weekend since I`ve been here that it was this crowded.  This Park is definitely the nicest around by a long shot !!


Nan said:


ohhhh, my! Thank goodness it was just for the weekend! I cannot believe how many RV's they packed in there. You have my sympathies.


Nan, I sure was grateful that I had my ‘back yard’.  Made all the difference in the world.


Toni said:

Looks like Quartzsite in January. They sure pack them in.


Toni that is sooo funny because I was thinking exactly the same thing !!  LOL


Rene said:

The long weekend brought financial pay dirt to the ownership group of that campground. Good for them....but also good for you when the long weekenders left back for home.


Rene, The Park is owned by a single individual (as far as I`ve been informed).  He`s put a LOT of money into it so far and plans are in the making for more improvements this coming Fall.

Terry said:

I know it's a sin, but Sass I do so ENVY you!

Well Terry, I keep saying to anyone that ``envies`` me – all ya gotta do is get old and wrinkly and sell everything you own and you too can do this !!  LOL


The waterfront sites are really very large and although they are horrifically expensive (in my opinion), they are always the first ones to get reserved !!

This coming Fall plans are in place to widen all the sites directly across from the waterfront ones.  That’s going to involve moving all the sewer lines, electrical etc. etc.

The sites directly across from where I am are definitely the smallest hence you saw the awnings almost touching the person’s rig next to them.

Oh and don’t forget – for any of you Canadian Snowbirds that might be reading this – they are looking for more Park Hosts to help out with the workload.

And YES, I have my peace and quiet back.  YIPPEEEEE !!  The Park is about 1/2 full now……well until the weekend anyways.

Friday, August 9, 2013


I did my first Expense Report HERE showing my expenses after One Year on the road.

My second Expense Report is HERE and that one reflected 26 Months of living the Full-Time RV Lifestyle.

Figured it’s time now to do another one.  This one reflects a time period of 33 Months.

Total Gas is now at $19,413.46.  That amount divided by 33 is a monthly average of $588.29.  This amount is now looking MUCH better. My goal is to get it to average $500 per month.  I’d be very happy with that.

The first year it was an average of $661.16 per month.  That year I did a whole lot more moving around than I do now.  And at 26 Months it was an average of $679.15 per month.  The increase was due to driving from Arizona to St. John’s, NL.

Campground Fees are now totalled at $9,156.39.  That amount divided by 33 months is an average of $277.47 per month.  In the ‘campground fees’ category I included the expense of my Solar and the cost for dumping and filling my fresh water tanks when I boondock.

The first year they were a monthly average of $311.36.  The 26 month point they were a monthly average of $224.84.  The slight increase now is due to the fact that (1) I added more solar and new batteries and (2) I’ve been paying Campground Fees for the last three months.  All in all though I’m still very pleased with this amount.

Gas = $588.29 + Campground Fees = $277.47 = TOTAL $865.76.  My goal is not to exceed $1,000 per month for the sum of those two categories.  I’m well under !!

Propane is now at $1,515.27.  Based on 33 months that is an average of $45.92 per month.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


It continues to be HOT HOT HOT here in British Columbia.  Most days it has been over 30C – that’s close to 90F.  We did get some rain last Thursday, which everybody said was badly needed.  You know, for lawns, gardens, crops etc. etc.  Me ?  I don’t need any rain !!  But it was ok for one day.

The August long weekend turned out to be B U S Y – very B U S Y – here at HARRISON RIVER RV RESORT.  The place was packed.  Here are a few pics just to show how many rigs were here.





The following day I climbed up on the roof of my rig to get some better shots.





They started arriving on Thursday.  So many that I wondered if Friday was the actual Holiday instead of the Monday.  I actually had to check online to verify.  Nope, It was indeed Monday but a lot of people obviously decided to make it an extra long weekend.

A short video of the Park from the top of my rig….

The Church Group obviously were here because they knew “I” was here – and gawd only knows I need praying for !!  They were a quiet Group and even held their Sunday Service in the large white tent.  Sang Hymns and everything.


There was a large Group here for some kind of a reunion and they had hired a Band to play in the open grass area for Saturday night.  The Band was very good.  Kids and Adults alike had a good time.

Naturally the traffic around the Park was pretty much non-stop and despite the large signs that Tara had made saying “10 KPH” not one car heeded it.

I retreated to my “back yard” for most of the weekend and thought oh so fondly of the peace and quiet of the desert !!


The view isn’t as great but at least I was away from all the madness.


There were tons and tons of boats on the water.  Here’s the Park’s Boat Launch area.


People were fishing, water-skiing and generally just enjoying their time on the water.

I really should take up fishing – it always looks so peaceful.


Oh yes, There are definitely fish in the waters.  Check out what ``one N`` Glen caught !!


I was clear across the field and zoomed in as far as the camera could zoom.  I just HAD to take this pictures of the THREE STOOGES up by the Office. In order to protect the innocent I’ll keep their identities a secret and just call them Moe, Larry and Curley !!


I was counting the HOURS until MONDAY !!  LOL  Although there`s still quite a few rigs here the majority of them packed up after the weekend.  Ahhhhh, got my peace and quiet back again.