Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have had to resort to checking into an RV Park !!  **GASP** Surprised smileBaring teeth smile

It’s not that there’s no boondocking here in beautiful British Columbia – it’s just that the places are very few and far between.  In Canada there is what is called “Crown Land” which I guess would be equivalent to the BLM land in Arizona.

The problem with Crown Land is that it is most always very remote and you need a 4 wheel drive to get there.  Not this gal !

There is probably hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land just in this corner where I am, but it is all privately owned.  I’ve been very fortunate so far to have spent time on two different Farms.  Enjoyed them immensely !

But like all good things this came to an end.  And I was feeling very unsettled.  I wanted to find a place to stay put for awhile so I had to bite the bullet and register at an RV Park.

I figured if I have to be in an RV Park it’s gonna be a NICE one and I do believe I found a winner.  This place is gorgeous.  It’s in the small community of Harrison Mills and I had previously checked it out while out riding on the bike.

Like all Parks in Canada it is VERY EXPENSIVE, however, I was able to negotiate a very good (for Canada) monthly rate with the Park Manager that I felt comfortable with.  I would much prefer to boondock and put that money aside for the gas to get down to Arizona this coming Winter but that was not meant to be.

The “Lots” here are also For Sale starting at $89,000 and going to as high as $229,000 for the waterfront ones !  That’s just for the lot !! Surprised smile

Just checked in here today so here are a few pics I took while walking around.

This is the private (Owners of lots only) boat launch.


It’s the little things they have added to this Park that makes it so pretty.  Directly behind this beautiful little sitting area is the Park Manager’s rig.  They are also full-timers who go South for the Winter months.


Another shot of the Park Manager’s spot.  Beautiful deck and stone work added.


Another shot of the Park Manager’s spot – probably one of the nicest here.


This is the boat launch for the public.  Looks like it is just being built.



Another Owner’s spot also with a beautiful deck added.


It all the small touches isn’t it.  The people here obviously take much pride in their Park.


Another Owner’s set-up.


And then there’s me….  Can you see me ??


Can you see me now ?  The Park Manager suggested this spot for me as she said it is likely the quietest – which is what I wanted.  This is where the guys park who work locally in the lumber industry and are gone all day.

I do have the option to move to another spot if I want – really any spot except the waterfront ones as they are the prime ones and naturally the most expensive.


A couple of videos I took as I walked around the Park – on a very gloomy, cloudy, rainy day here in British Columbia.

In this first Video you can see my rig way off in the back just behind that white ‘tent house’ thingie.

There are maybe a dozen rigs here right now who I’m figuring are full-timers.  ie. Owners of the Lots. and a couple of guys who work in the lumber industry nearby.

It will be a DIFFERENT STORY come the weekend !!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


But first a word about my new GPS.  First and foremost and most importantly – even shockingly – it’s still ALIVE !!!

Now granted I haven’t used it much seeing as I’m not on the road, however, I have ‘tested’ it a couple of times going to places I knew how to get to.

I haven’t heard that dreaded RE-CALCULATING …….. yet.  It actually seems to know what it is doing.

I found a dandy spot on the dash for it – although I had to buy a dash mount.  Stupid thing only came with a window mount.  Fat lotta good that is in a Class A Motorhome !

The screen size is great as I can actually see the signs and symbols.

I’ve decided to name it “BRIDIE” – there’s a story behind that name but I’ll save that for a later date.


After I got my girl back I headed straight to my new boondocking location on another Farm.  Turns out this one is only a few KM’s from where I was before.  It felt like coming home once I got on this side of the Fraser River.

Here I am all safely tucked away….


My Hosts (Brian & Janie) are wonderful and Brian is even a fellow rider – a gorgeous 1989 Harley in MINT condition.  Janie rides a 50CC Scooter which I love.  I want one !!

They are also Snowbirds who head to Palm Desert, California every Winter.

The spot is slanted quite a bit so my levellers are getting a work out.  I’m several inches off the ground on the rear tire.


This is a chicken and hay Farm and life around here is very lay back and quiet.  Just the way I like it.

A short little video of my new ‘home’.

I’ve only gotten out for one short little ride as the Weather has been very unpredictable !  Dark clouds mixed with bright clouds so you never knew when it was going to rain.

A walk around the property and Bennie checks out the chickens/hens (?)


And then several more (I don’t know how many there are in all on the Farm) come to check out this strange creature…


Look at this one – isn’t it majestic !!



Yup, This is life on the Farm. Would be boring as all get out for some Folks but suits me perfectly !

Thursday, May 23, 2013


But first a word about Technology.  Like most of us I’m sure, I simply take it for granted now.  But sometimes it HITS me as it did the other day.

I’m parked on the street in front of MAW’s house but cannot connect to her Wi-Fi on my new Dell Computer.  I can, however, connect using my old HP computer.

So here I am calling Dell Technical Support (which is probably somewhere in China !!) – via Skype – from the HP Computer using Marilyn’s Wi-Fi.  Talking to the air while they take access of the Dell Computer and check the various settings.

I have the Dell Computer hooked into the Internet via my Bell Turbo Stick.

I am in my RV – not plugged into any electrical – no Cable connection – no connection to any ‘power’ lines etc. etc.

Yet I have Internet on TWO computers and talking to someone far far away via Skype.

Hurts my wee little head when I try and comprehend it !!


OK so now back to the bike.  This past weekend (in Canada) was the ‘May Long Weekend’ and it was a L O N G weekend for me for sure.  I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do and just hanging around Wally’s.

MAW and hubby were at their place in Birch Bay and came back home on Sunday so I spent Sunday and Monday night there.  Got fed some mighty fine meals once again.  Thanks MAW !

FINALLY on Tuesday I call the Dealer to see what the situation is on my bike.  The Service Department is CLOSED – due to the long weekend.  Had to endure another long day.

YESTERDAY I couldn’t get through to them on the phone so I drove over there.  THE PART IS IN and John is working on the bike.  YIPPPEEEE !!

This Dealership is probably the smallest Harley Davidson Store I’ve ever been in but I have to tell you that they are BIG on Customer Service.  No ‘attitude’ here and very, very friendly people.

LOOK !  They even have their trash bins painted in the Harley colours.  First time I’ve seen that. Oh Me Nerves !!  LOL


Here’s my new best friend – John – working on my bike.  BTW, John and his wife also have a Blog – www.mostlybymotorcycle.com  Byron, Thought you might like to check it out.  I haven’t had a chance yet myself to have a look there.


And here is the CULPRIT that caused me all this trouble.  It is called a “Stator” and who knew it was even in the frikkin’ bike – I sure didn’t !

See the BLACK on the coils – that’s not supposed to be there.  There’s another small coil on the top with some black in it so that was on it’s way out also.


John was sauteƩing my bike !


I hear that oh so gorgeous and familiar sound.  Quickly grabbed my camera to see John riding off on my bike.  That means the job is done and I’ll soon be outta there.  They always take it for a test spin after any maintenance work.


I got ‘DA HULK all ready to load the bike and am patiently waiting.


Didn’t have the camera quite ready in time to video John loading the bike into my ‘garage’.

THE BILL – Well it wasn’t the worst case scenario ($1,000 +) but it sure wasn’t the best case scenario either. $633.92 FRIKKIN DOLLARS LATER !!  $330.00 of it was labour !!

But I got my girl back and that’s the main thing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The SPAM I get is just simply getting out of control !!

I didn’t even realize I could change the settings to stop this.  I just recently read it on another Blog.

AND the reason I didn’t realize it is because my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT has been taking care of all that teckie stuff on the Blog for me for over a year now and then ‘da lazy bum up and quits on me !!  So I had to figure it out all  by myself.  Maybe if I offered her a RAISE she’d come back to work ???

Anyhooooo, The options that show are:

“Anyone - includes Anonymous Users” (that’s the setting I had it at)

“Registered User - includes Open ID” 

“User with Google Accounts” 

“Only members of this blog”

I’m not sure of what the difference is between “Registered User - includes Open ID” – and - “User with Google Accounts” so I changed it to “User with Google Accounts”.  Maybe someone can educate me here ??

So for those of you who comment under “Anonymous” – and I love your comments – please keep doing so but you just gotta sign in now or something.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


We got a few days break from the rain so I took advantage of it by going for a ride on the bike on that beautiful route from Mission along BC-7 through Agassiz etc.

My ‘plan’ was to check out another potentially awesome Farm to boondock on for awhile and then maybe swing by MAW’s in Chilliwack for a short visit on the way home.  Didn’t make it to either !  LOL

Didn’t make it very far when the traffic was stopped and very quickly backed up for miles.  This was on Thursday – before the long weekend - so there were TONS of rigs and cars on the road getting a head start on the weekend.  Turns out they had to close a bridge from traffic in order to ‘swing’ it open so a house could be transported through it.

While stopped I got chatting with a few people who were standing outside their rigs.  They suggested this place as a nice stop for lunch.

They also told me about another road I should check out a little farther back from the way I had just come.  Said there was lots of boondocking spots along there.

So after lunch, and chatting with a wonderful couple who were camping there, off we went.

I forgot to mention that when I first started out on the bike I noticed the “Check Engine” and “Check Battery” lights were on.  I had only gone about a mile so quickly turned around and went back home.  Got the Owner’s Manual out which of course told me nothing other than what the lights meant.

I turned off the bike and on several times and it was starting up fine.  So off I went.

I turned up this road to see if I could find a great boondocking spot.  Sure looked like lots of potentials.


There were two Police cars at the intersection stopping traffic checking for alcohol seeing as it was coming on the Long Weekend.  I stopped to chat with them to ask them if they had more information regarding the boondocking spots.  I turned off the bike but forgot to turn the lights off.

When I was ready to leave – ZIP – ZILCH – NADA -  The bike wouldn’t start.  Not a click in ‘er.  I backed in down into the gravel area off the road.  And this is the only picture I have to show for it all.


The Police guy called a local towing company who they knew honoured CAA.  I waited and waited and waited.

Finally I see a fellow biker riding by.  I flagged him down.  We were just getting ready to try and jump start the bike to see if that would work.  “I” cannot jump start the bike – it is simply too heavy.

Just then the CAA HUGE towing truck shows up.  He cannot jump start the battery as it is under the seat and he didn’t have the right tool to get the seat off.  I DO have the right tool – but it was home in the rig.  Fat lotta good that was to me then huh !!  grrrrr

I wasn’t keen on the bike being towed – you would have had to have seen this towing truck.  So Barry (fellow biker) and I decided to try the jump start first.  Off he rolls on the little hill there and it worked !

I got back home right away with no trouble.  But within minutes of turning off the bike I tried it again and it wouldn’t start.  Didn’t even make a click.  Clearly there was a serious problem.

Got it on a trickle charger for the night and the next morning – even though the trickle charger light was still showing red – I tried it.  She fired up right away.

The closest Harley Davidson is in Chilliwack – some 53KM/33Miles away.  Next thing you know I’m loading the bike in the rig and away I went.  At this point, not knowing what the problem was, I couldn’t chance being stranded in Chilliwack without my ‘home’.

Once at HD and the diagnostics were done the news wasn’t good.

The part that's the problem is a burned out stator (??) whatever the hells that is !! LOL It is something to do with the electrical though.

"STATOR: The stationary part of a motor, dynamo, turbine, or other working machine about which a rotor turns."

Worst case scenario is that it will be about $1,000 – there goes next month’s budget !! That is if the battery and regulator are affected. The biggest problem is that they do not have the part NOR does their main warehouse in Ontario. So they have to call around to the local dealerships to try and find it. IF they can find the part locally they will get it until early to mid next week.

If they CANNOT find it locally and have to find it in the States somewhere – well I could be looking at up to TWO WEEKS !!

I have been just hanging around Wally’s – bored out of my mind.  MAW (Marilyn) and hubby George are gone to their place in Birch Bay, WA for the weekend.  They’ll likely be back tomorrow night and then I’ll ask George to come rescue me from my boredom.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Haven’t been doing a whole lot due to several days of this:

That means no riding, no exploring and being stuck in `da house !

But before the rains started again I did manage to take a wee scoot to the HD in Langley.


Very nice store !  But I came out empty handed.  My credit card thanked me !!  LOL


Here’s Eegor just home from the groomers – complete with a fancy smanchy scarf they always insist on putting on them.03


Eegor and Bennie have become Best Pals !


This is my GPS when riding the bike.  I’ve shown you pics in the past of the really FANCY SMANCHY GPS I have while driving the rig.


I finally broke down a got a ‘real’ GPS – we’ll see how long it lasts before I give it ‘da flick !!  I would never have actually put out money to buy one but I have a gazillion AirMiles so used them to get this.

I haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet as I haven’t been on the road.  But when I do go off on the bike – where I’ve gotten totally lost several times over the last weeks – I’ll take it with me and maybe it will be able to get me back on track during those times.


Joan told me that when Molly was younger she would cross the road to dip in the water.  So they got her her own bath tub in the yard and she uses it regularly.

I think it’s hysterically watching her dip into it but have never been fast enough with the camera to capture it.

Joan held her in there while I ran to get my camera for this little shot.

An update here on the puppies – there’s only one left and boy is he a cutie !  Well they all were but now four of them have been sold.  Even ``Mr.`` is gone.  He was the one that really liked Bennie.  He was only 7 months old and left from the last litter.


And lastly, a little video of Bennie playing with the many friends he`s made around here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


First of all “What is a Snowbird?”  For the one person that may not know, WE are people who live in Northern climates and head South for the Winter months.

So if the following gets ‘passed’ through all the legs and arms of the various Governments it WILL BE good news for this Snowbird !!

Every now and again my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT throws me a crumb like she’s actually doing some WORK.  I say this because I take no responsibility for finding this information – she did and sent it to me.

On the off chance there is a Canadian out there who hasn’t heard about this yet, here you go.

I knew the Canadian Snowbird Association was working on trying to get the time allowed extended from six months to seven months.  This is even better !

You see there are really two parts to this equation – well probably more than two but these two are the most important.

1.  As a Canadian, we are only allowed in the States for six months a year.  If we stay longer they throw us in jail, lock the door and throw away the key – no just kidding.

2.  As a Canadian, we are only allowed out of our ‘home’ Province for six months (some Provinces it’s longer) or else we will lose our Medical Benefits.  Something we DO NOT want to screw around with !!

British Columbia just recently changed their ‘law’ to allow their residents out of their home Province for 7 months – but that is basically useless to a Snowbird.

Actually, Newfoundland is the best Province as you are allowed out of your home Province for 8 months.

So without BOTH parts changing one is really useless for the Provinces that still have the six month rule.

Here’s the first link:


For those of you that do not want to go clickie on the linkie here’s what it says:

“Every fall, my in-laws pack their bags and head for Florida, where they enjoy the warm weather and white-sand beaches. Every spring, they begrudgingly load up their van, and head back to Northern Ontario, where they settle for the summer. They stay at my house for a day or two each time they pass through. This weekend was their semi-annual stay, and on Saturday morning, they were welcomed with breakfast and view of a fresh coat of late-April snow. It was interesting to see their reaction, and a strange coincidence that the United States Senate is looking for ways to help alleviate this type of weather shock!

A new and interesting piece of legislation has been tabled for review in the United States Senate. It is entitled the Jobs Originated through Launching Travel (JOLT) Act. One of the provisions of this new act is a proposed Visa for Canadian retirees who spend a fraction of the year in the United States. The new Visa, which is being referred to as the “Canadian Retiree Visa” would allow Canadian snowbirds to spend up to eight months in the United States per year (an increase of two-months from current immigration standards).

Canadian citizens who are 55 years of age or older, who maintain a residence in Canada, who own property in the United States (or have a rental agreement for the duration of their stay in the United States), who will not engage in employment while in the United States, and who will not seek assistance or benefit while in the United States are eligible for this new Visa.

The JOLT Act has only recently been introduced, and as such, there is no timeline for specific creation of the Canadian Retiree Visa; however, this could be welcome news for individuals looking to completely escape prolonged Canadian winters.

It is unclear whether this new Visa will impact an individual’s eligibility for Canadian provincial health plans (i.e. OHIP), or how it will impact a person’s residency determination for income tax purposes. So, in the meantime Canadian snowbirds shouldn’t alter their plans or cease their 8840 filings. Rather, they should keep their ears open. If the JOLT Act is passed, healthcare coverage and income tax considerations will undoubtedly influence a snowbird’s decision to apply.”

And here’s the second link:


“Canadian snowbirds may be allowed to stay in U.S. longer

U.S. bill would give Canadian snowbirds more time to spend in the sun.

Canadian snowbirds may soon be able to spend an extra two months nesting in their favourite sunshine state each year.

U.S. legislation winding its way through Congress would allow Canadians aged 55 and older to spend up to 240 days — about eight months — in the country without a visa, 58 days longer than the current 182-day annual limit.

The provision is not yet law, but it has the backing of powerful New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who was recently one of the leading voices to speak out against a rejected proposal to impose a border crossing fee on Canadians.

In a New York Times article published over the weekend, a spokesman for Schumer is quoted as supporting the Canadian proposal, along with relaxing visa requirements on nationals from several other countries.

"Each of these provisions makes individual sense on the merits," the spokesman is quoted as saying. "They each solve inequities in the existing immigration law."

The Canadian Snowbird Association says it has been pushing for the change for years. A previous bill died in committee, but association researcher Evan Rachkovsky said he believes the latest proposal stands a good chance of passage. The Senate version of the bill could be voted on this summer.

Snowbirds group claim wide support for proposal

Rachkovsky said his organization has talked to more than 100 members of the U.S. Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike — and has found wide support for the proposal.

"That it's attached to comprehensive immigration reform, I think that increases the likelihood of it becoming law," he said. "We definitely remain optimistic."

Some stumbling blocks to the practicality of spending eight months of the year in the U.S. remain, however.

Health coverage from Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba permits a maximum of seven months per year outside the country, meaning snowbirds would only likely get another month's pass. In many other provinces, including Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, the limit is the equivalent of six months.

But some provinces have introduced some flexibility. Quebec, for instance, permits residents to have short stays outside the province beyond the six-month limit, Rachkovsky said.

It is unclear how provinces would react if the U.S. limit were expanded.

Canadians represent a major boost to the economy in the U.S., particularly southern states such as Florida. Recently the state dropped a provision requiring an annual international drivers permit after objections raised from the strong Canadian lobby.

$16B influx

In 2011, Canadians made more than 44 million visits to the U.S., spending more than $16.5 billion.

As well, Canadians are by far the largest foreign buyers of residential real estate in the U.S., purchasing an estimated $20 billion of housing in 2012 alone.

Rachkovsky said a major reason for seeking the change is that Canadians who spend the winter in the southern U.S. often complain to his association that after exhausting the 182 days for any calendar year, they were precluded from shorter trips to visit relatives and friends in border states.

"Having an extra two months will give them greater flexibility," he said.

The proposal does appear to have the general backing of the federal government.

"We always monitor legislation impacting Canada very closely, and we support any efforts to increase trade and tourism between our two countries," a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said in response to an email query.

Canada also has a rule that allows Americans to spend a maximum of six months north of the border.”

I sure hope it gets passed !

Thursday, May 9, 2013


When I knew I was heading to B.C. for the Spring thru Fall I started looking for boondocking spots.  Well let me tell you, in Canada, they are pretty much non-existent.  One has to be very `creative`.

But I did manage to find one in Mission - never thinking in a million years that I would actually use it.  I mean after all – it was MISSION !  That’s really out in the boonies.  Or so it was during my ‘Vancouver days’.

You see I lived in downtown Vancouver for about 15 years when I was much, MUCH, younger.  We used to go to areas like Mission for our weekend get-a-way camping.  It was far, far, away !  LOL

Well I am now into my third week here and LOVING it.  Joan may never get rid of me !!  Joan and her Family (including the four legged ones) have been so nice to me.

There are lots of areas to explore on the bike and the roads are awesome.  And still it is just a short bike ride into Coquitlam to visit my EX-EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT or to Chilliwack to see my friend Marilyn.

The weather also has been amazing.  We even had several days in a row that were too hot.  Can you even believe that ??  Yes, It was in the mid-high 80`s.  Now it`s back to more normal temperatures for early May.  It will be like this until Sunday and then the RAIN starts again and the temperatures drop.

This beautiful manicured front lawn is the view from my front door.


And if things here were not already great enough, Bennie has many little Pals to play with.  Eegor is his favourite of course, but this little guy comes to visit often.  His name is `”Mr.” and he follows Bennie around constantly.


Chores still have to be done and off I go to get my propane tank filled.  I’ve only had to do this once before (on the bike) and thankfully there is a gas station that sells propane about 1/4 mile away.


Liking my new computer lots !  Especially the very long battery life.  I now can once again enjoy the benefits (mobility) of having a laptop.

I decided to go with the 15`` this time – actually it`s 15.6`` and it`s much lighter.  The learning curve was pretty much nil because I also decided to stay with Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.  All the reviews I read on Windows 8 were not good.



Getting my files transferred over posed somewhat of a challenge but I managed to get it done.

This is the back of the property just as the Sun was going down.


Saturday, May 4, 2013


The last two days have finally warmed up and the forecast for the next FULL WEEK is ‘supposed’ to be the same.  ‘Bout time I’d say !!  LOL

Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got a few things done outside – like cleaning the solar panels, doing the tanks etc.

Bennie has been so good around here and never ventures off very far.


Seeing as I was outside and Mr. Benjamin was also there I wanted to make him comfortable so brought out his bed.  Look where he decides to lay !!


Yup, That’s my boy !



Yesterday was a ‘work’ day so today was a riding day.  Packed my lunch and off we went at around Noon.  It was 22C/72F by then and perfect for riding.

I wish I knew how to imbed the Google Maps into here but I don’t so here’s the link if you’re interested in the route I took:


I decided to do the loop from Mission to Chilliwack back to Mission via the 7 East Route and what a gorgeous ride it was.

The Province of British Columbia is truly spectacular – when it’s not raining !

This route is obviously VERY popular for motorcyclists because there were tons of fellow riders on the road.  I got tired of doing ‘the wave’ !

I came across this Community Hall with a nice large parking lot – and more importantly a nice big tree with SHADE and figured that it was going to be a great place to stop for lunch.

I caught a glimpse of behind the building….


Bennie didn’t even need to be kept on his leash and quickly settled in while I had my lunch.


I had intended to stop in Chilliwack to see MAW on the way back and jotted down the Exit Number only.  I’ve been there several times so figured I’d know how to find her place -------- NOT !!  I got a great tour of parts of Chilliwack that I had never seen before and absolutely nothing looked familiar.

So back on the main Highway I went and headed home.

When I got back at 5:00PM it was 28C/82F.  Sure is nice sitting back here at 9:00PM and it’s still warm enough to have the windows open.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Last week wasn’t a bad week weather wise.  I got out on the bike several days in a row.  But still very cold during the mornings and the evenings.

My Mr. Heater is on constantly and I’m plowing through the propane.  Thankfully I have the adaptor to re-fill those little propane canisters, making it very inexpensive to have heat in the rig.

I saw that we were forecasted to have several days of rain and horrible weather so I got Bennie to the Groomers.  He went from being a Dirty Desert Dog to a Dirty Farm Dog to a CLEAN MACHINE – at least for a little while.

Fresh from the Groomers with that silly handkerchief thing they put on his neck.  That got ‘da flick right quick !!


Eegor (previously mis-spelled his name) and Bennie playing.

And then I decided to tackle re-stringing that blind that’s been broken now for about a month I guess.  This will be the FOURTH one I’ve had to do.  Am I that hard on these blinds !!??  The other three were the single ones – this was the first double blind I did.


I was at it for TWO DAYS !!

Taking down the blind and removing the decorative framing part was easy.


Then you get the supplies you need out and handy – plus the Instructions – which are USELESS !!  I’d never have been able to re-string the blinds trying to follow those instructions.  YouTube is the best as it shows videos from others who have tackled this awful job.


Then you lay it out on a flat surface and pay VERY close attention to how the strings are criss-crossed.  I took a gazillion pictures – all to no avail.  Still didn’t help me.


Off to YouTube I go and a video on there did provide some direction.  But I still near lost my soul doing this one and I dare say a few “FOOIE’S” were said !!

Hmmm, OK so this is how it starts….


On the double blinds there are FOUR strings and they have to be crossed over a certain way at the top, the middle and the bottom…


I finally did manage to get it done but couldn’t get it snapped back into place.  The brackets were behind a set of cupboards and very difficult to get your hands up there and feel your way around.  Plus the blind was heavy.  I eventually had to resort to asking for help and Joan (my Hostess with the Mostess) came to the rescue.  With me holding the blind she was able to snap them into place.

Sure glad that job is done !!

My solar and batteries continue to be tested during these overcast and rainy days.  I am VERY pleased to say that they are passing with flying colours.  The lowest I’ve gone one night was 12.3 – which is 70%.  Gotta like that.

I saw that my little guy was curled up pretty tight in his bed.  That meant he was cold.  So being the good Mom that I am, I put one of Nan’s quilts on the floor right next to the heater.  He wasn’t long getting myself settled there.  Now he’s very relaxed and warm.


AND I even had a real COOKED DINNER !  Haven’t had one of those since last Summer when I was at my Mom’s.  Joan invited me to join them for Sunday dinner and I wasn’t about to refuse that !!  She had her parents over also and it was a delight to meet them.  Her Mom is such a cutie pie !  Dinner was a deee-lish roast complete with all the trimmings.  Thanks Joan !

This morning I woke up to 3C/37F.  Say it with me Folks – BRRRRRRR

But the forecast for the next week is looking awesome.  Low to mid 20’s = 70 – 79F.  Sure looking forward to that.

My new DELL computer arrived yesterday so now I have to figure out how to get all my files/pictures from the old one to the new one.