Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My little guy is 13 years old today.  Oh My !  That’s 91 in ‘human years’ isn’t it ?

But as you can see by these two short little videos, he’s still going strong. 

He’s meet so many little friends here and this little gal’s name is Blue who’s he’s currently playing with.

Here’s last year’s post on this special day…..


And here’s the one the year before that….


But here’s something else I didn’t post before.  I had been off the cigs for THREE MONTHS when Skipper got sick.  Just like this time, the first month was HELL ON EARTH !  The second month was ‘slightly’ easier.  And by the third month I was doing really good.

Then Skipper got suddenly sick and I had to take him to the Emergency Vet – it was a Sunday night.  I left the Vet’s place at 1:00AM having had to send Skipper to puppy heaven.

I stopped at a 24 hour convenience store on my way home and bought a pack of smokes !  And I haven’t tried since then to give them up again.

So here’s a little warning to my precious little Bennie – DON’T YOU DARE GET SICK FOR A LONG LONG TIME !!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Woke up this morning at 3:00AM to howling winds, the rig a rockin’ and the slide awning thingies just a flappin’ !

Had to get up and put in both slides.  Didn’t want those things to rip right off.

When I got up later at about 9:00AM it was still very windy.  Checked the forecast on the Internet and it said: “Wind Advisory in effect until 7 PM”

The direction of the wind is from the North so although it is 60F/15.5C it feels cooler than that.  I have had my Mr. Heater going all morning.

Because of the Northerly direction of the wind I was able to put the bedroom slide back out but the main living area slide faces North so that has to stay in.


I tested it earlier by putting it out but it was far too windy and those topper things would definitely get damaged.  So it makes for tight living quarters here today.  Ya, I know I could turn the rig around but that just sounds like too much work right now.  I’ll see how the day goes.

Here’s Bennie IMMEDIATELY after he has gotten out of bed - from about a 12 hour sleep.  He hasn’t even gone out to pee !


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I had made up my mind to try the Q Casino.  New experience ?  New people ?  Close to Yuma. 

Didn’t ‘set-up’ – only put the slides out and the levelling jacks down.  Took a walk around.

This guy has a honkin’ big Class A and towing this.  Took these pics for you Byron.



I was there only a matter of a few hours and knew that I wouldn’t be staying there.  It’s not a place where you put your mat and chairs out – although many people do.  Figured I’d just O/N there and check out another place the next day.

THEN a big 18 wheelie pulled in right next to me and you know how they leave their engines running – well despite the fact that it was almost 6:00PM I quickly put the slides back in and jacks up.  I didn’t see this sign when I pulled in…

03 - Copy

Wouldn’t have mattered though ‘cause there were tons of RV’s parked in the ‘Trucks’ section because the RV section was full.

I was going to go straight out to Pilot Knob but given the hour of the day I thought I’d check out a spot just down the road from the Casino where I had seen lots of RV’s parked.

There was quite a selection of boondocking places to choose from.


This one was quickly eliminated because of that HILL to get up there.  No problem with the rig of course but I am always thinking about getting the bike in and out of wherever I am.  I know it doesn’t look like much but it was nasty.  That gravel road to the right of the picture goes on for quite a ways and there’s places all along there – but they were taken.


So I ended up here just for the night….


The enormity of the desert and the number of different places you can “live” for free still amazes me !


But I knew I wasn’t going to stay there.  Didn’t get that ‘feeling’ – whatever it was.  So I moved the next day.  You see I was over there……


And I just moved a smidge down the road to here…



Turns out this is all Indian Reservation Land and sometimes someone comes around and most times not.  They charge $75.00 for a ‘fishing license’ for the Season and you get to stay there.  One guy told me he’s been there since October and no one has been around.


The people that boondock here are mostly regulars who come here to the same spot year after year and set up for the Winter.  Across the road is more boondocking areas….



And down over an embankment even more..


So I followed the road to see what it was like to get the bike in and out.  This didn’t look too bad……


But no way was I about to tackle this on the bike…….


Plus it felt kinda isolated down there so I crossed that off my list.

I also still didn’t get that ‘feeling’ where I was so stayed there O/N and decided to move on.  I did meet two nice couples from Burnaby, B.C. and they invited me to join their campfire that evening.  I didn’t though.

So now where is she going (your asking )……

For my Northern Friends – even if you’re not interested in the desert pics you surely have noticed the beautiful blue skies in all of them.  LOL

OH, And you know that thing I’m NOT TALKING about – well it was FOUR WEEKS yesterday and it’s still NOT GETTING ANY EASIER !  Today I start the next level – Step 2  - 14MG as opposed to Step 1 being 21 MG.  It damn well better start to get easier soon so I’m throwing in the towel !!  Grrrr

Monday, February 18, 2013


Not much I can tell you that.  Had to search the old brain and my pictures to see what I could come up with for a post.  Resting, EATING, reading, EATING, laundry, EATING, groceries, EATING and walking (LOTS).  Yup, The exciting life of a full-time RV’er.

But I did get my bedroom door fixed ! It had come off its track and there was no way I could figure out how to get it back on.


You get TWO PAT’S at something and they were NOT giving up !!  Lots of grunting and groaning and many tools taken out.  You will notice Bennie right there front and centre helping as always !


Turns out it was a combination of TWO problems.  The part that came of the track had rolled way back into the ‘pocket’ part and not reachable until the door was completely taken out.  The second part was the other ‘track part’ was wedged into the channel thingie such that hammering was involved in order to get it out.  Nope they were NOT giving up.  I said many times I’d have put a saw to it !!  And the damn thing would have gotten ‘da flick right out the window !! LOL


There was nothing much Rita or I could do but sit back and watch.


One day a knock comes to the door.  Who are these strangers ??  They quickly introduced themselves as Chris and Frank and told me they have been following my Blog for years but have never commented.  They knew I was at the VFW and wanted to meet me.

What a lovely couple they are and I hope to see them again.  They are from Kamloops, B.C.


Another rig at the VFW.  I am always intrigued with the different rigs people travel in.  One thing about this one is that he has MAJOR solar power !  I saw several panels on the roof and he even had two portable ones outside.


Another day I decided to go for a run to check out some possibilities for my next ‘home’.  Stopped at a Rest Stop off the I-8 for lunch and quickly realized that I had forgotten to take Bennie’s leash with me.  I always have several bungee cords in the saddle bags but as you can see they didn’t work so good.  Good thing he was more interested in my lunch so he didn’t move.


I had heard that lots of rigs park at the Quechan Casino (hereafter to be simply called the Q Casino) so I stopped by there to check it out.  WOW !  There had to have been hundreds of RV’s there !!


I spoke with someone sitting outside and was told it is FREE (we like free), stay as long as you want etc. etc..


I also wanted to check out another 14 day limit BLM place behind Pilot Knob.  I knew there was one down Sidewinder Road but was told there was also another one.  It was about two miles down a gravel/sandy road (try to avoid those with the bikes) but it was doable.

My 14 day limit was up at the VFW yesterday and I was ready to move anyway.  I’ve never liked the VFW very much but it is convenient.  This time I didn’t mind it so much.  I found most people had solar (hence no generator use) and even those that didn’t have solar were very considerate with their generator use.  An hour or so in the morning and then at night.

Well I moved just in the nick of time !  Someone pulled in on Saturday and the generator (one of those awful really LOUD ones) was on the entire day and right up until 10 o’clock at night – that’s the time they are not allowed to be run.  The following day same thing.

Now I’m getting settled into a new spot.  You’ll just have to wait for my next post to see where I am.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Everything is so different – and I can’t even say different ‘good’ or different ‘bad’ ‘cause I don’t know.  So many ‘triggers’ to overcome, so many changes.  I don’t know what to be doing with myself most of the time.  A part of me is missing – GONE (forever I hope) – and I suppose part of the process is ‘mourning’ the loss.  Hell I dunno !!

My progress after being sick was slow and steady and that was great.  But then it just stopped and maybe this is going to be as good as it gets.  My energy level is still extremely low and I tire quite easily.  This might be something I have to live with and accept and if that’s the case I will do exactly that.  Or maybe it’s just the weather.  We always blame things on the weather don’t we.  LOL  It hasn’t been overly warm so maybe that’s it.  This has been a very different Winter in Arizona weather wise for sure.

Haven’t seen much of Jamie and Mudder ‘cause they are staying in the FANCY SMANCHY RV Park this year.  But they did drop by for a visit the other day so that was really nice.


Bennie got to the Groomers so he’s back to his clean, handsome self – that won’t last long – the clean part I mean.


Friends that are here at the VFW had called a mobile service to get their rig washed and waxed.  So I decided to get my rig washed also.  It did mean having to pull the rig out into the VFW parking lot but that wasn’t a big deal.   They charge a $1.00 a foot so for $40.00 I thought it was an excellent deal – especially since they come to you. Wouldn’t you know it, the next day we had high winds and there was dust and sand blowing everywhere !  Oh well, it looked clean for awhile.

I installed the last LED light.  I’m done now with LED.  Oh yes there’s a gazillion more lights I could switch over to LED but I don’t use them so why would I spend the money.


I’ve gotten now so that I can do it in about 5 minutes.  You have to CUT one white wire from the existing fixture so that’s always a little frightening.  But I check and double check and then triple check one of the other ones I’ve done before I SNIP !


My morning routine is to lay out my ‘cigarettes’.  I like these things at room temperature.


If apples or oranges are in the refrigerator I don’t eat them.  So now I cut them up and put them in a container for my night-time ‘cigarettes’.


Oh don’t be fooled by all the fruit stuff !!  I bought a HUGE bag of candies at Walmart so these also get snacked on on a regular basis.


And I got these small cherry pies at Walmart.


Add a ‘little’ ice cream…….


I don’t know when I’m supposed to have lunch or dinner anymore !!  LOL  ‘Cause I’m always eating or drinking something.  My belly (which is growing btw LOL) seems full but my mouth wants more more more.

And poor Bennie – well his little legs are sure getting a work out.  We go for walks numerous times throughout the day.  Of course after each walk that means a ‘treat’ for him and he lets me know that in no uncertain terms.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  I found a new Author I like (Harlan Coben) thanks to Toni.  She gave me two of his books and I’m hooked.  So I’ll be going to the Library today to get more by this guy.  I know people find ‘free’ ways to download books to their KOBO/Kindle but I don’t know how to do that.  My Kindle sits unused.

And that’s it Folks.  Nothing exciting – just getting through the days.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


For the Folks that do not know – VFW means Veterans of Foreign Wars.  The boondocking is actually behind their Building and on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  It is FREE and the stay limit is 14 days.  You can come back here after being away for 14 days.

While it is definitely not one of my favourite places to stay, it does have its conveniences.  It is easy in/out and it’s within minutes of pretty much anything you need to do or see in the Yuma area.  And that’s what I was looking for at this time.

Bennie and I continue to take MANY walks throughout the day.  And it continues to be PACKED here.

These Folks are obviously together but good gawd look how close they are.  They can pass things through their windows if they want.  LOL


There’s every style ‘RV’ here.


Check out the teenie trailer down there.  These people ‘enlarge’ their living space by erecting that shelter.


I was walking to the dumpster the other day and there was actually a line-up of rigs waiting to check in.  I made that comment to a woman who was getting out of a truck.  She said they were all together.  Where were they going to park I wondered ??


But somehow they managed to find spots.



And then there’s me…..


Thursday, February 7, 2013


By far my favourite place to boondock in the Yuma area is The Pond.  And my least favourite place would be the VFW.  I’m at the VFW.  And it is PACKED here !!

The reason being is the convenience of easy in, easy out.  Staying at The Pond means 3 miles of dirt road in and out on the bike and lots of twists and turns in the sand around the pond.  I have no problem doing it and have done it sometimes twice a day.  Just not ready physically yet.

The VFW is certainly not a ‘quiet’ place.  It is right off Highway 95, right next to the train tracks, and of course lots of generators running.


Yes Folks, I have STALKERS !!  While in Q, Lee and I went to lunch.  As I went into the restaurant there were a group sitting in a booth.  One looked familiar.  So much so that I kept staring.  I (cautiously) approached the booth and said “Is your name Rita?”  She replied “Yes”.  I haven’t seen this person since the 70’s back in my days of living in Vancouver !!  I mean really Folks – what are the chances of running into someone you knew 30 years ago in the small town of  Quartzsite !!  We had a short chat, exchanged contact info. etc.

They came out to Plomosa Road to visit me and we did some more catching up.

On my way out of Q I stopped at the gas station and there they were again !!  They said they were going to be leaving Q the following week and heading to Imperial Dam.  I’m here at the VFW a few days and who do I see !!??  Yup, Them again.  Hmmm,  I think maybe I’ll need to repaint the rig and change my hair colour…..LOL


Before I pulled in here though I stopped at the Laundromat with the rig.  I washed everything in sight !!  The bed sheets, the duvet cover, all the quilts, the mattress cover, towels – EVERYTHING !  SICK BE GONE !!

The next day I pulled the rig out again and did a major stock-up at Walmart.  Now I was ready to settle in here.

Got the panels tilted.  The tilts on the new panel is MUCH better and easier to work with than the first two.  Don’t they look awesome.  They provided me with everything I need in terms of electricity.


Naturally I can’t do anything without banging myself up !


While I was on the roof I took several different angle pictures of the boondocking area at the VFW.


Yup, Far too crowded for my liking.


See how close the train is ?




Yes, It was time.  This would be the most exertion I have used since getting sick so I did it in stages.  The extra ramps that were made are heavy.  Did a little bit – rested – etc.




Later in the day I took a short run into Town to return a Library Book – just to get my riding legs back again.  All went well.