Saturday, January 12, 2013


After one year on the road I posted my expenses.  This past November 3, 2012 I was on the road for two years, however, it is only now that I’ve gotten around to reviewing my totals.

The following figures are therefore based on 26 months of being on the road (up to January 3, 2013).

No question about it – gas and campground fees are the two highest expenses.


My gas has come in at $17,657.94.  G U L P !!  That works out to be $679.15 per month.

That is still on the high side and $7,000 of that was going from Arizona back to Newfoundland and coming back to Arizona this year alone.  This gas total is also only for the RV.  I keep track of the motorcycle gas and my car gas (the car I had while I was home last Summer) separately.



This came in at $5,845.89.  That is an average of $224.84 per month.

The first year on the road I was in Campgrounds all the time.  I now pretty much boondock all the time.  There will be times of course whereby I still will have to go to a Campground but those times are infrequent – especially during the Winter months when I’m in Arizona.

In the  ‘campground fees’ category I included the expense of my Solar and the cost for dumping and filling my fresh water tanks when I boondock.



This came in at $1,159.67.  An average of $44.60 per month.

Propane is used for my refrigerator, stove, furnace (seldom used) and my Mr. Heater.


It’s those pesky little “OTHER” expenses that will kill ya.  But no sense reporting them here because they are different for everybody and definitely not consistent.


  1. GULP!! That gas expense sure is a biggie but no one has ever said driving an RV around is cheap.

  2. That gas expense is one of the reasons we don't wander much anymore. And ours is nothing like yours because we don't have to cover the miles you do. The other can get pretty interesting. You know one of my biggest expenses in the other category would be eating out. I so hate to cook. But I'm trying to do better.

  3. Another reason for us to be thankful that we aren't able to travel for now. But we sure enjoyed those years we had on the road.