Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just a further note regarding yesterday’s fire at The Hitch House.  I was thinking this morning that this could have happened while my rig was in there being repaired.  Of course the Company’s Insurance would have covered the replacement of my rig –  BUT the rig is my HOME now and everything I have is in it.  And of course some things simply cannot be replaced.  OK, Enough about that – don’t want to go there.

Oh my poor Bennie !  He was so filthy and with boondocking I sure couldn’t afford to use up that much water to give him a bath.  And with all the dust and the sand, well it isn’t possible to keep a WHITE dog clean !!!

This is one of the rare occasions where he is actually laying on his blanket.


I finally got around to taking him to the Groomers the other day.  He’s now back to being my handsome, gorgeous little boy – for awhile anyways.

02 - Copy

03 - Copy

Bennie came out of the Groomers sporting a spiffy new neck scarf….


While sitting outside waiting for Bennie, having my lunch, I glanced across the parking lot to admire the colourful shrubs and trees…


Had to remind myself it was the end of November !!

05 - Copy

06 - Copy

07 - Copy

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Such awful news.  Just got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Toronto, Ontario that The Hitch House has been destroyed by fire.

This just happened this afternoon so I imagine the fire is still going.

Some of you may remember I spent several weeks at this Dealership last Spring getting repairs done to my RV from the infamous DITCH incident.  It ‘was’ a gorgeous Dealership with outstanding Customer Service.

Here are two links I just found online telling about it….

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well what I really wanted to say it that “Some people are FU$#$’ING IDIOTS !!”  But you all know I’m far too mild and polite to say anything like that !!  Open-mouthed smileDevil

The other day I’m having a little rest and I hear this truck pull up – and not slowly.  It pulled directly in front of my rig so I thought it was someone I knew coming by to visit.

As you can see by the following picture there is AMPLE space directly in front of where they stopped.


He pulled out their WICKER CHAIRS – nope, no cheap camping chairs for these IDIOTS ! – from the bed of the truck – and she pulled out the CUSHIONS from the cab of the truck.  I watched them from my window.  They proceeded to walk right in front of my rig directly over to edge of the Pond – RIGHT IN MY SITE !

Got themselves settled and put out their fishing lines.


Now I realize this area is all ‘Public’ but for heaven’s sake WHY would they do this ??  Making a point ??  There sure is no shortage of spots along this Pond.


The thing about this also was when they came here they didn’t even look in the direction of my rig (deliberately ??) nor turn around to speak to me when I came out.  Nor did I !! The more I observed them the creepier it got !  I was about to go run an errand on the bike but decided against it.  Just didn’t get a good feeling about leaving while they were still here.

There’s no figuring out PEOPLE is there !!

Oh, I did jot down their license plate number.

Monday, November 19, 2012


ERRRR FLIES gone ??  Strangest thing !  The day I arrived here there were MILLIONS of them.  The SWARMING kind.  They were all over the outside of the rig. You couldn’t have the door open a second but they flew into the rig.  My fly swatters worked in overtime !

Did I disturb a nest when I pulled in here ?  Do flies even have nests ??

But they are gone now and have been since the day after I arrived.  I can have the doors open again.  Oh, There are some around but just the normal few.



The other day I was told they stocked the Pond with 2,000 trout.  There are usually a few locals here during the day quietly fishing.  But the day after they stocked the Pond there was at least a dozen of them came to fish.  How did they know ?  Do they have a secret line to the fish stocking people ?  Is there a website that is updated when this is done ?  Did two people tell two people who told two people ?

I don’t mind the locals being here during the day.  They are here to fish and don’t bother anyone.

These guys sure were enjoying fishing and going up and down the Pond in their little boat – or is this called a dingy ??



I was told that we (Snowbirds) can go to the Library, get a card, and then be able to check out books and/or download books etc.  So off I went to do just that.  Well, The Library wanted a piece of identification or even a piece of mail addressed to me with a local address on it in order to get a free library card.  Naturally I didn’t have that.

BUT for a mere $5.00 a Month – or $15.00 for six months – I could get a library card and take out as many books, movies etc. as I wanted.   SIGN ME UP, I said.  I went for the $15.00 for the six months.  Such a deal.

I can now get the books in the J.D. Robb – In Death Series – that I missed.  I got introduced to this Series this past Summer and there are over 30 books in it.  I managed to get most of them online or at a used book store but there were about 4 that I could not get.  Got those now thanks to the Yuma Public Library.  There’s nothing nicer than sitting back in the peace and quiet of the Pond reading.


Had to go fill up my propane tank the other day.  Ain’t NUTTIN’ I can’t do on ‘da bike !!  The tank is well secured and I had no fear that it would fall off and I have done this once before on the bike.  HOWEVER, not from the Pond – with it’s gravel, sandy, slippery, twisty roads !!  I was on high alert and yelled to the guy fishing “Wish me luck !” as I left. 


THANKFULLY, I, the bike and the tank, all came back in one piece.

Speaking of propane, the prices have dropped over last year. This year you can get it for $1.89 a Gallon – Cactus Propane being the cheapest place. Last year I paid $2.31 (and up) a gallon.  ONLY ME though decided to go get the propane on a Sunday and Cactus Propane wasn’t open – I’m sure it will be open seven days a week later on.  So I had to pay $2.26 at Flying J’s – still cheaper than last year !

I filled this BBQ propane tank for $9.74 – yet filling the same tank in Canada over the Summer cost me $24.86 !!!  Why, oh why, is everything in Canada so damn expensive !!

Yes, Walmart provides special parking for us BIKER kind of people.  And notice the DRIVE-THRU Pharmacy !!  Canadian Walmarts could sure learn a thing or two from the Walmarts in the States.




Thursday, November 15, 2012


I had settled in quite nicely at Quartzsite and had planned on staying there longer.  There were a number of reasons for my early departure, not the least of which was a 20 degree drop in temperatures overnight.  Brrrrr

Yuma is always the warmest spot plus I wanted to see if I could find someone to fix the RAMP DOORThe bike is also in desperate need of servicing so off to Yuma I went the other day.

Pulled into the VFW just for overnight because I had chores to do before I settled in at the Pond.  ie. Tanks, Water, Laundry etc.

I was a little leery when I first pulled in here.  There were several ‘campers’ here with young children and guys walking around with beer bottles in their hands.  Then I realized it was Sunday and also a long weekend. By the time the evening rolled around they were gone and just us old folks in RV’s left.

While I was setting up I saw flies.  MILLIONS of flies !!  This certainly wasn’t the case last year.  But then again I am here a full month earlier – and it’s still very warm – than last year.

But I ’ve got an APP for that…


So I set up these mosquito coils all around.  Ya, Ya, Ya, I know it says MOSQUITO’S not flies but I figured I’d give it a try.  Sure enough it did deter them enough so that they were not swarming around me when I was sitting outside.  I had to be very conscious of making sure the screen doors were closed at all times.  I’m used to having both doors open all day.

I did leave the back door open and when I went out to the garage at night there were MILLIONS of them on the walls and ceiling.  I swatted quite a few but nowhere near all of them.  They must have found a nice quiet place in the garage to sleep for the night.

The next morning out they came !!  See all those little black dots on the screen….



I’d open the screen and shoooo them out and then close it again.  And every time I went out to the garage I did the same thing until I was seeing less and less.

NOTE:  I wrote the above a few days ago and strangely enough the last two days there have not been any flies !!??  Now I know I swatted a LOT of them but ….?

Another thing I noticed were red ants.  MILLIONS of red ants on the ground.  Another thing that either wasn’t here last year or I never noticed……although me not noticing is very unlikely.

I’ve got an APP for that also !


I sprinkled that stuff all around my site.  Seemed to do the trick.  Will be getting more of that today when I go to Walmart.

It’s all worth it though.  Check out this short video – what do you hear ?

That’s right – NOTHING !!  Absolute peace and quiet.  I love it !!

Here is my humble home now for the next weeks.


And there are three other RV’ers here also.  Come January that side of the Pond will be lined up with motorhomes so I’m enjoying this while I can.


This has got to be my favourite place to be.  And yet it is minutes from anything and everything.

It’s strange though being here without Mudder, Jamie and Brandy – hurry up you guys and get down here !!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I just received these pictures from Jamie.

Sure it’s pretty…..

From a distance……..

A LONG distance………..

And only in a picture…..


snowdenise 001

snowdenise 002

That beautiful new Motorhome belongs here in Arizona !!



This beautiful Pond….


Glowing in the warmth of the Sun…..


In gorgeous Arizona !!



NO contest as far as I’m concerned !!  LOL



When boondocking in the Winter here in the desert the first thing I do is tilt my solar panels. I have to face my rig EAST – according to Lee – and Lee is a GENIUS when it comes to solar, batteries etc. etc. – in order to get the maximum from my solar with the lower Winter Sun.

However, facing East means I get all the afternoon sun on the passenger side and even with my awning and the screen attachment, it has been far too HOT to sit there. When the temperatures drop over the Winter months we will welcome the afternoon sun’s warmth.

But for now I moved my ‘sitting area’ to the other side of my rig in the shade. Nice !  Bennie approves.06_thumb3

With Barbara and Jeri around you never know when your picture is going to be taken. Here I was, mindin’ my own business, riding back to my site totally not knowing my pic was being taken. Later, Barbara sends me these two pics. I think in the first one I look terrified !! Really I wasn’t. But you sure need to focus and concentrate when riding on these desert gravel areas. It’s like riding on glass.


The hard packed ‘road’ areas are not so bad.  But the washes are very sandy and that’s where you could really lose traction.  Also you have to ride over the rocky areas.  This is like riding on beach rocks !!


On my way back from another outing I see Jeri running out with her camera !!



I had gone out to fill my drinking water bottles.  One in each saddle bag and 4 in the crate thing I have on the back luggage rack.


I’m always relieved when I get to the pavement or have gotten back to my rig in one piece !!  I would prefer to park further into the desert – away from crowds etc. – but I always have to gage how far I would have to ride to get out !!

Then Duchess comes to visit Bennie.  I keep a close eye on them.  Duchess is just a big baby and wants to play.  Bennie, however, has gotten afraid of dogs larger than him since he’s gotten older so he growls and might even make a little snap at the other dog.


Bennie really does want to play but looks very cautiously at Duchess.


Jeri took this pic.  I think it’s awesome !


Friday, November 9, 2012


Barrelling through the desert with lead footed JERI is a HOOT !  I think I’ll start calling her Thelma – or would she be Louise ??


Barbara was showing us some of the amazing ROCK ART she discovered and of course was always aiming her camera.


But all is not wine and roses.  Seems like there is ALWAYS something that breaks and needs to be fixed.

I was in the garage the other day and noticed the ramp door was protruding UP.  Hmmmmm


When I went outside to investigate this is what I saw.  OUCH !  Not good !


I mentioned it to Terry and we proceeded to try and do a temporary fix so that no further damage would be done.


Several additional screws later and it’s held back in place so that the crack doesn’t go all the way across the painted exterior surface of the ramp door – the part I just had repaired and re-painted last Spring while in Barrie, ON due to the DITCH ACCIDENT.


We could not get it completely back in place and it is still protruding out but will suffice for now.

I contacted Newmar immediately and naturally this is no longer under warranty AND the closest Newmar Service Centre is in Phoenix – a mere 129 miles (2+ hours drive) from where I am == NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !

After Newmar told me the part was no longer under Warranty they did say “the only assistance that we are going to be able to offer is the replacement hinge at a reduced cost of $640.21.”  Reduced cost !!?? It’s a frikkin’ HINGE !!!  Not a piece of GOLD !  $640.21 – plus tax no doubt – plus shipping no doubt – plus labour to install etc. etc.


I will be posting my newest dilemma on one of the RV Websites where there is a wealth of knowledge.  I’m sure someone there will direct me to a place where I can get this GOLD HINGE (LOL) at a much cheaper price and have it fixed somewhere in Yuma.

Failing that, I will wait until the Spring when I go back to B.C.  I’m sure Kevin, who found a solution for me for CLOSING THE RAMP DOOR and made those great EXTENDED RAMPS for me, will definitely come up with a much cheaper and much more secure solution.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


And it’s HOT HOT HOT.  Ya, Ya, Ya SANDIE you say it’s just “warm” now.  LOL  But for this Canadian gal when it gets into the 90’s as the day-time high that’s HOT.

The evenings are absolutely gorgeous though and the early mornings are even a little cool.

Putting up my solar panels and Jeri is NEVER without her camera !  LOL  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my solar panels !  Since I got solar installed last year, I have not had to use my generator to charge my batteries – not even once.


Jeri and Terry arrive.


Showing the ‘proper’ spacing between rigs.  No need to be on top of one another here.  Lots of space.


Terry admiring his new (to him) JAG.


That’s Barbara’s rig in the distance.


Took this pic while up on the roof.  Jeri and Terry (and of course Duchess) visiting with Barbara.


Jeri comes to take me for a spin in the JAG.  I sooooo want one of those.  Jeri has a bit of a ‘lead foot’ when driving – which I love !!  LOL  We barrelled around the desert looking at all the different rigs and their set-ups.


One day a hummingbird flew into my rig.  OMG the poor little thing didn’t know how to get out.  I freaked !


But Barbara quickly comes to the rescue.


We thought perhaps he had hurt himself when he flew in.  I was heart broken.  But thankfully he wasn’t and he flew away.


These two short videos show the vastness of the desert……..for those of you who have not been here before.  And this is just one section of the LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) called La Posa South.  There’s La Posa North, La Posa West, Hi Jolly, Polomosa Road……to name a few.