Sunday, September 23, 2012


Let me preface this post by saying that our little Province is not used to experiencing hurricanes and therefore we felt this was a BIG one. 
We fully realize that it was nothing when compared to the devastation experienced by our friends in the Southern parts of the United States.
Yes, She hit – and she hit hard.  Minimal rain (thankfully) but very high winds.
In my area we lost power from about 9:00AM on the morning of the storm – until about 5:00PM the following day……about 32 hours. 
Folks here were worried about the hundreds of dollars worth of food they had in their deep freezers and the sounds of generators was heard everywhere.
My own personal damage was my gorgeous motorcycle thanks to my own STUPIDITY !!!  You see, when it’s windy, the cover I have for the bike blows off.  So knowing we were expecting very high winds, I secured the cover by tying it underneath the bike.
This, of course, just created a balloon effect once the wind got under it.  Ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing !!
And down she went.
Again, thankfully, minimal damage.  The cover is torn is several places so I will have to get a new one.  And the right lever got bent but is still functional.  The right lever, for my non-biker friends, is used to apply the front brake.
‘DA HULK came in handy though during the power outage.  Being fully self-contained I scoff at power !!  PFFFTTTTT !!
We (meaning me Mudder) cooked up a fine breakfast for my Brother, Wife, Mom and Me.
My Sister needed the services of my iron.  Who knew I even had an iron !!!  LOL Crank up the gennie and we can use the iron.
The following are a few pics I got off the Internet.

leslie 01
leslie 02
leslie 03
The next pic is my personal favourite – guy was actually building this shed to house his corvette.
leslie 04
leslie 05
The calm after the storm……

Friday, September 14, 2012


Almost every weekend during the Summer and Fall there is some kind of a charity motorcycle ride supporting many great causes.

The Toys for Tots run is probably the largest.  It is held every year all across the Country.

Although I didn’t go on the actual run, I did ride to the meeting place with my CMC Group and chatted with many fellow riders.




And another gorgeous day for the riders. Two short videos capturing the event…


Bennie loves being at ‘Nan’s house’ because he has the whole back yard to explore.

This particular morning I’m in the RV and I hear Bennie barking – this is unusual for him as he is not a barker.

I look outside and this is what I see…

01 - Copy

The cat isn’t fazed at all.

02 - Copy

It didn’t move – just looked at Bennie as if to say “What’s your problem?”


After enjoying watching this little interaction for awhile I called Bennie in.  WELL, He took off like a bullet towards the RV all the while looking over his shoulder to make sure this strange creature wasn’t chasing him.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


No, Not THIS MUDDERI’m talking about the real Mudder.

In August one of my Niece’s got married – and NO, I did not go to the wedding.  I don’t think they’d consider jeans and one of my Harley T-Shirts as being “dressed up” enough for a wedding.  My Niece understood and said “I know Aunt Denise it’s just not your thing.”

But me Mudder however just couldn’t wait to get all dolled up and go.  For 87 years old she’s pretty amazing huh !


She HATES getting her picture taken and would be horrified to know I’ve put pics of her on the Blog.  Shhhhh, don’t anybody tell her !!  LOL

She was all ready to go – just sitting back waiting for my Brother to come get her.


Then Bennie jumped up on her and smeared her dress.  Cloth and water quickly came out to clean it and then I had to run out to the rig to get my hair dryer to dry the wet area.

THEN, The button falls off from her jacket…….out comes the needle and thread.

THEN, She try's to put that flower thing on the jacket……Couldn’t get that on so had to wait under my Sister-In-Law to come in and help her with that.


FINALLY, All disasters have been resolved and this handsome bunch is ready to go to the wedding.  Ahhhh, I spent the remainder of the day and night in peaceful bliss !


And what is Bennie doing during all of this – and everything and anything else that’s on the go…………..


My little helper comes down to see me almost every day.  His grandparents (my Brother and Sister-In-Law) take care of him during the day while his parents are working and they live next door to my Mother.

We inspected the roof this day.  He REALLY enjoyed that !!


He was curious about the pull-out bed – Aunt Denise complied.


He ‘pretends’ to be sleeping………


What a cutie he is !!


My other Blogger friends are all now talking about the '”hitch-itch”.  Yup, I got it real bad.  Hoping to be able to get on the road early October and counting down the days now.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Last Tuesday, a gorgeous, hot day, there were four of us from CMC (Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers) that rode The Irish Loop.

“Welcome to the Irish Loop of Newfoundland, Canada. Located on the southern portion of the Avalon Peninsula, the Irish Loop is truly a unique vacation experience. The people of the Irish Loop are some of the friendliest people you will meet anywhere in the world. We are the same today as our forefathers were hundreds of years ago. So come on, take a tour, and let us show you what the Irish Loop is all about! There are no strangers here...just friends you haven't met yet.”

“The Irish Loop, located on the south-eastern part of the Avalon Peninsula, is named to reflect over 400 years of history by Irish immigrant settlers. The Loop, as it is more commonly called, is the heart of Irish culture and heritage in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

“This scenic and historic drive starts at St. John's and heads south on Route 10 into the heart of Irish Newfoundland and the magical world of whales, seabirds and caribou, then loops back to St. John’s.”

Here is a link if you want to read more about this area….

The Irish Loop is a very popular motorcycle ride.  There are two fairly long stretches that are quite boring as they are very barren, however, the majority of it is breathtaking as you travel along the Ocean through numerous scenic Communities.

It is about a 300KM/186Mile round trip ride.


A short stop to stretch.  See my little Bennie ??





A beautiful place to stop for lunch is the Beach at St. Vincent’s.




A few short videos showing this awesome ride…..

This one was taken where we stopped for lunch and shows a panoramic view of the area.

A GREAT day had by all and it was a full day.  I left my place at about 11:00AM to meet up with the other three riders just a little ways out of Town.  We hit the road shortly after Noon and between the stops, lunch and ending at Tim’s in Paradise, NL, I didn’t get back home until about 7:00PM.


There are just so many picturesque small Communities within a one hour drive of St. John’s that you simply wouldn’t get to see them all.  Holyrood is one of those and is very close so I take the bike through there often for a wee ride.

The Boardwalk is one of my favourite places to stop.

On one side of the road is the mighty Atlantic Ocean……..


On the other side is this beautiful little water feature.


Byron asked in the comments section of my last post:

“I tried to call you a couple of times with no luck to see how your finger is doing....FOLKS, I squatted her finger steel on steel and had a nasty cut there, I hope it's feeling better and healing fast!”

Well Folks he really did a number on my poor finger !!  He was helping me put in my extended ramps and I was on the other end lining them up when my finger got in between the end of the ramp and the door.  OUCH !!!  Man oh Man did it hurt – and BLEED !

This is what it looked like about A WEEK AFTER the incident.  The wound is pretty much healed now but the finger is still very sore.  The jamming got me right in the knuckle part.


I’ve also been enjoying spending time with my Niece’s son – that makes him my great-nephew ??  He is so adorable and oh soooo smart !  He loves coming to visit and ‘working’ with Aunt Denise.  And a great little helper he is.


Every day he wants me to take the rig out so we can go on ‘vacation’.  Well as you all know pulling the rig out doesn’t happen in a second.  But there was one occasion whereby I had to take the rig to a mechanic and he was THRILLED he was allowed to go.  Apparently on this adventure we went to Florida and Cuba !!


So that’s it for my mini update.  I know I’m still very much behind with Blogs to post.