Thursday, May 31, 2012


The drive from Levis, Quebec to Edmundston, New Brunswick was horrible !!  Talk about WASHBOARD roads.  The roads conditions all through Quebec were very bad but that stretch was REALLY bad.  I thought the rig was going to shake apart.  Even the little drawer I have under the dinette table shimmied out and went crashing on the floor.

It sure wasn’t relaxed or comfortable driving.  However, Bennie wasn’t fazed !!


Sure was glad to see that New Brunswick sign – even though it was in French !!  Grrrrr


We settled in for the night at Wally’s, Edmundston, New Brunswick.  If I had a video of the following picture you would hear Bennie SNORING.  Man Oh Man, Does that little dog snore !  LOL



The farther East I go the colder it is getting.  Out comes the sweaters !!

Have even needed the heat on in the rig for the last two days while driving and definitely during the evenings.

Tonight finds me in Moncton, New Brunswick.  It was supposed to find me in Fredericton, New Brunswick but when I pulled in to the Wally’s in Fredericton all I saw were signs NO OVERNIGHT PARKING !!! Hmmmm,  There will be NO Christmas Bonus for a certain EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT !!!

But that was OK because it was very early in the day.  I had a snack, a delicious TWO HOUR nap, then made dinner and it was still only 6:00PM.

I had already gone online and saw that there was another Walmart in Fredericton and called to verify that they did allow O/N parking.  But then I figured if I had to pull in the slides, etc. to drive just a few KMS – well why not just get back on the road and drive to Moncton – which was only another 173 KMS/107 Miles.  And that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I’m not moving !!  I will spend the day doing chores – laundry – hair cut – get propane – oil change for the rig etc.  I’ll come back here for the night and get back on the road on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I thought all of the gas stations in Canada had taken out that thingie whereby you could latch it to keep it open.  But I pulled into one the other day that still had it.  Yes, I know – it’s the small things that excite me !!  LOL


I didn’t even have to use my nail clippers, like I have it the past.  But they are always handy just in case.  Filling up a rig this size mean having to hold that handle for a L-O-N-G time and my poor little hand gets tired.


Another thing that pleased me was seeing a Flying J’s !!  I didn’t realize we had them in Canada – or else it is another one of the MANY things that I have forgotten.  Oh, ‘Da old memory ain’t what she used to be.



Obviously Flying J’s is buying out our Shell Stations.


Most of you know that I have a very FANCY SMANCHY GPS System…


Well today’s route involved an even much FANCIER one ‘cause there were so many twist and turns and left and rights and Exits etc. that I felt it best to print it out..


You see I HATE driving through Quebec.  Even though it is a CANADIAN Province, even single sign is in French.  NO – NOT English and French – just bloody French !!

And the worst of all worst Cities to drive through is Montreal.  I fear it and dread it with a passion.  In the past 1 1/2 years of travel I’ve driven through a lot of major cities – yet driving through Montreal still ranks NUMBER ONE as being the most awful.  You see Quebec drivers are NOT polite at all and they drive like maniacs !

So I was hell bent on finding a route to avoid having to go through Montreal.  And once again my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT came to the rescue !  This route was the one above with my fancy, typed GPS.  It was a very slow route, going through many small towns and LOTS of construction.  It took me 3 1/2 hours to drive 140 miles !

Another thing I had to do was print out the MPH to KPH conversion.  My speedometer shows MPH in the larger white letters with the KPH below in much smaller red letters that I cannot see at all.  I was constantly trying to figure out if I was going under or over the posted speed limit.


And of course my precious little Bennie is always there, front and centre, being helpful !


Tonight I’m at Wally’s just outside of Quebec City, Quebec and look at what was the first thing my eagle eyes spotted !!


And a whole row of them along where I was parked.


Being the curious type that I am, I pulled out my little tester thingie and sure enough there was power !!


Even though I got excited at the prospect of POWER, I had to remind myself that I don’t need it !!  Since getting my Solar this past Winter it has been such a wonderful thing not having to worry about batteries being charged or not.  So I didn’t even bother to plug in !!  Imagine that !!

Tomorrow will find me somewhere in New Brunswick with Quebec behind me and good riddance to that horrible place I say !

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I’ve gotten terribly behind on my Blog Posting and my Blog Reading.  The reason for that is two-fold:

1.  The location where I was camped had painfully SLOW Internet access.  Too far from any cell tower I suppose ??

2.  I went WAY OVER on my data limit while I was sitting for almost two weeks waiting for the rig to get repaired.  Watched too much TV online.  It was an expensive bill.  I was already 1GB over before I realized it.  Unlike Verizon, Bell’s Turbo Stick does not tell me how much I’ve used.  I can go to their website though and get that information but it doesn’t pop-up (like Verizon does) each time I sign on.  Over 5GB’s I got charged 5 cents a MB – do the Math !!

So I had to really limit my usage until after my May billing.  Now I have to catch up to see where everyone is and what you are doing !!

I only got into the actual City of Toronto once.  I had forgotten how INSANE the traffic is !!  It took me 2 1/2 hours to get back home !  I did notice a few things different.

First of all were these bicycles around at different places and the cars with the logo ZIP CAR and AUTO SHARE



Perhaps these are in all major cities but I had not seen them before.  Such a wonderful idea to reduce traffic and pollution.  You can rent them by the hour/day and return them to any location.  There are hundreds of thousands of people who work and live in downtown Toronto – so why buy a car ??  Yet these are available for those few times you might need/want a vehicle.  Too bad this wasn’t available years ago – it might have prevented the gawd awful traffic there that is now 24/7.

And of course a visit into the big City is never complete without driving by the old homestead.


I owned this little house (less than 800 sq. ft. !) for about 15 years.  I’ve lived in many different places and many different type dwellings – but this place remains my favourite and where I have the fondest memories.

I was late getting on the road today – no surprise there – by the time I got gas, did the tanks etc. etc. it was early afternoon.

Following my trusty GPS with the directions I wrote down from Google to get to my Walmart location this is what I see !!!


3.7 Meters is 12 Feet 1.7 Inches.  My rig’s height is 12 Feet 10 Inches.  And, as you can see, this is a narrow country road with no place to turn around !!  Me Nerves !!

I pulled off the road as much as I could and flagged someone down to ask if there was another way I could get to Walmart.  There was (and a much easier and direct route I might add !!) and now I had to get ‘DA HULK turned around.  ONCE AGAIN, SOOOO grateful that I wasn’t in the Class C towing the little trailer.  I would have been in BIG TROUBLE !  I managed to get myself backed into a driveway and head back from the direction I came.

I still have Blogs to post but I figure this is enough of an update for today.

I really do look forward to NON EXCITING ADVENTURES as I resume my travels East.

Oh BTW, A speedy traveller I am NOT !  LOL  I left Yuma, Arizona three months ago today – and I’m still only about 1/2 way to my destination.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Port Dover is a very pretty little town right on Lake Erie.  But what it is most known for is when tens of thousands of motorcycle riders descend on this little town every Friday the 13th.  Some years there are as many as three Fridays that are on the 13th of the Month.

2012 there are three - January 13, 2012  --  April 13, 2012  --  July 13, 2012.

I bet the July 13th one will be insane.  Byron said that there’s a back-up of traffic for miles and miles on the morning of this event with riders trying to get into Town.

A few excerpts that I found on the Internet:

“The Friday the 13th tradition started in 1981.”

“Against the backdrop, Chris Simons and approximately 25 friends, through word of mouth, got together at the Commercial Hotel {The Zoo}, now known as Angelos of Dover. It was in November and it was Friday the 13th. They had such a good time they decided they should do it every Friday the 13th. And so the tradition was born.”

I have heard of this ‘event’ for years now and there’s lots about it on the Internet.  Where I am staying is only 78KMS/49MILES from there so what an opportunity for a little run.  My Friend Byron was coming to meet up with me and brought along two of his friends.  All three of these guys have been there many, many times in the past.  This would be my first time.

This website tells more about it and has lots of pics that shown all the streets lined with bikes……

There’s a first time for everything !!  I forgot to put Bennie’s leash in my saddlebags !!  One of the guys suggested using bungee cords (something I always have in the bags) and that worked.


First stop was a T-Shirt place as Byron didn’t get one for his April 13th visit here.  I cheaped out and bought one from last years event as it was on sale for $10.00.



Bennie patiently waiting while the MEN were in shopping.


This was a huge billboard on the side of a building.


A stop for coffee, sitting at a picnic table right by the water.  Some really bad ass bikers I was riding with that day huh !!  Especially that guy on the left with that gawd awful ugly beard !!  LOL





‘Da bys are heading somewhere ?  Looks like they are on a mission !!??


Me?  Well I’m just strolling along behind them taking pictures and making sure Bennie’s bungee cord leash doesn’t come off.


WHAT !!  What is this I see ??  A Harley Davidson store .  Yeeee Hawww !!


Where I found some new stickers I didn’t have !!


LOVED the sayings on these little stickers.  In case you can’t see the lettering on the pics, they say:

CLASSY not SASSY …..Well maybe a little

HOP ON is NOT part of my vocabulary

A woman’s Place is on a HARLEY


Thanks…..but I’ll Drive

Good Girl with a Harley Problem



Riding back home – Byron leading the pack….


Rick and Julio taking up the rear – and taking care of me !!


It was a picture perfect day weather wise – couldn’t ask for better !!


One of the guys took a picture of Bennie while we were stopped.

photo - Copy

A gas stop where we said our good-byes as we would be getting on the Highway now and going in different directions.


21 - Copy

Thanks Byron, Rick and Julio for letting me tag along on your ride !

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Is IKEA in the States or is it just a Canadian Company ??  I know we don’t have a location in NL and it’s been years since I’ve been there.  Love the store.



All throughout the ‘showroom’ – which consists of two entire huge floors of space – are ‘rooms’ displayed….


Check out this ultra space saving table and four chairs.


There are countless rooms set up like this.  You decide what you want, write down the Product Number and then go to the Warehouse Section and get your stuff.  Everything can be taken home that day in boxes and you assemble it at home.



The day after I arrived here – which has been over a week already ! – my Friend Linda came out from Toronto to visit and brought her Friend, Judian, who lives just in Hamilton – which is only about 20 minutes from the Campground.


I was just getting set-up.


Linda took pictures of everything !!  Many of you have seen pics of the inside of my rig before – but for those who haven’t I’ve decided to put Linda’s pics in this Post.









Linda was quite curious about seeing how I get the bike out…


WHEW !! Another successful landing.


Then of course everyone INSISTS on getting their pic taken on the Harley !!  LOL




Judian invited us back to her place in Hamilton for dinner.  Thanks Judian !!

Bennie meets Judian’s cat…


Neither were fazed……


A picture I found on the Internet that I hope brings a smile to your face…