Saturday, March 31, 2012


After a very long and frustrating day regarding the bike yesterday – where Roger from  RISING SONS & COMPANY was here until 8:00PM – I decided to see if I could re-string that blind !  Am I nuts !!!!????  I go and tackle something tedious like that when I’m already frustrated.  Annoyed

I got the blind out and started following the directions – which were SIXTEEN STEPS OF INSTRUCTIONS BTW.



Old string pulled out and new string ready to go -


I am NOT very optimistic about this.  Cross string here – brings strings down this way…. bring string over this way….


My lack of optimism was warranted as I put the damn blind back up and obviously I did something wrong.  It wouldn’t stay up. Maybe I crossed when I should have crissed – or crissed when I should have crossed !!!


AND that’s the way it’s going to stay until I get in the mood to tackle it again !!!  I WILL have to take it all apart again and start from scratch !!


BUT Murphy’s Law comes into play here !!  Before Roger came back with the new battery I tried starting the bike – and YES you guessed it – THE BLOODY THING STARTED !!!

Yesterday, When the trickle charger was on the light on the charger was blinking red – this means that the charge was not getting through.

Before Roger left last night he put everything back together, including my old battery back in, and hooked up the trickle charger again.  First thing I noticed was that the light was solid red – meaning it was charging.  Hmmmmm, I thought.

So I wasn’t completely shocked when the bike started this morning.  I called Roger to tell him the bike started but that I wanted a new battery put in anyway.  When you’re on the road like I am it is critical (to me anyways) that your vehicles be reliable.  PLUS my bike is a 2006 and the battery was original, so I figure I did really good with having a battery last for 6 years.

Roger comes back and quickly gets to work.  And YES it’s raining again.




So, What’s gonna break tomorrow !!??


  1. We're thinking we need to get new blinds. I'm not pleased with the idea of stringing them. Glad you got your bike taken care of.

    1. Jeri, I WILL figure out this re-stringing stuff and when I do you can give me a call for instructions.

  2. You did the right thing replacing that battery....the old one likely has a weak cell or the acid and distilled water level was low and the movement of taking it out gave it a temp ability to take a charge. Six years is a long time for a bike battery. You didn't mention the $ so I am guessing it was reasonable considering the time spent.

  3. Bob, I totally forgot about that. It was in my mind to type - well 'da old mind ain't what it used to be !! LOL

    The TOTAL bill was only $200 !!! Now an unexpected $200 bill is not good on my budget but I'm not complaining after all the time Roger put into this. The battery cost $135 (with taxes) and he only charged me $65.00 for labour. He even went to the next Town to get the battery AND he bought the right size allen key to take the seat off AND gave that to me.

  4. You are a sucker for punishment. Trying to restring those blinds after the last couple of days you had - totally nuts. But now the bike is good to go - I think six years out of one battery is really amazing.

  5. I got a new truck battery, too, I know how you felt. My rig is 6 years old, and I didn't want to take any chances. New batteries all around.

    HOW NICE that he gave you the allen key! (Is that the same as an allen wrench?) What a guy!

    Don't sweat the blinds. They look fine, and you can get back to them when you're well rested and totally bored!

  6. I'd rather buy a whole new blind than try and re-string one of those things!

  7. I need to replace one of our blinds as well. The string broke. Please put me on the list for instructions as well. Thanks.
    Bea :))
    Murphy's law: that kind of thing has happened to me several times. When I then called Peter for help everything worked fine. Arrrgh!

  8. I just forgot to say:
    WOOOOW what a trip!

  9. Sassy,

    You're almost there on the restringing. What you need to do is on the round spools (with the screw in the middle), loosen the spool and wind the string a little tighter on the spool, you might even be able to put a turn of string around the spool with your finger without loosening it.

    Try to match the string tightening amount on each side.

    Good luck and you have a great blog!

  10. OMG! I was thinking - restring blinds? Me? Never! Especially after what you've been through lately. Then got my confirmation when I read the Dahl's comment above and got lost before the 2nd comma. LOL. Hats off to you Sassy. You go girl.