Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have following Barbara’s travels from  ME AND MY DOG  from even before she acquired her RV.  It’s amazing how well you can get to know someone by reading their Blogs.

Yesterday afternoon I took a scoot on the bike and decided to see if I could find where she was parked.  She gave a pretty good idea on her Blog, however, you have to realize these areas are huge.  It’s not ‘busy’ here yet but still there are hundreds of RV parked in one area alone.  I had commented on her Blog that I would be by for a visit.

Sure enough I saw the infamous PALMS and before I could even get off the bike out she runs – camera in hand naturally !!  For those of you that follow along with Barbara you already know what great pics she takes.

What a delightful woman she is.  Full of energy and smiles.  And THE PALMS is gorgeous.  Fantastic layout and spotless clean.  This size of THE PALMS would be perfect for me if I didn’t have that stupid ol’ Harley….LOL

We had a lovely visit and there was non-stop chatting.


Her ‘spot’ on BLM land here at Q was well photographed on her Blog and looked great.  But when you actually see it in person it is even better.  She is positioned so that there will be nobody parked behind her or on either side – at least not very close anyways.  AND she can walk to the big RV Show.


Now Katie is not as social as her Mom and was NOT pleased to have Benne on her turf.  There was a bit of growling going on but not bad.


Things are always better though where there’s treats involved..


A really lovely visit and I’m sure there will be more as we both plan to spend some time here in Q.


Saturday, November 26, 2011


A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with some great, funny pics of animals.  Yesterday’s cat was one of them.  Here’s one for today……


This morning it was a little chilly in the rig – not bad though – but my little Bennie was shivering.  Can’t have that !!  Put on the heater (only needed it on for about 1/2 hour) and wrapped him in one of Nan’s many quilts that I have and he became very content quite quickly….


So after many times going around in circles the other day I decided today I’m in a good ‘position’.  So out came the mat, the lawn chair, tire covers put on, flag up etc. etc. etc.


This afternoon I was just getting ready for a little scoot into Town and thought I would drop by and see that couple from Manitoba (Ed and Anne) I met the other day when I arrived here.  Next thing I know I see this huge pick-up truck coming barrelling towards my rig with the horn blasting.  Well it was Ed and his buddy Paddy.  Ed had told me about Paddy because not only is he a fellow rider – he is also from NL !!  We had a little visit here and then Bennie and I got on the bike to go over to their place so I could meet his wife.  Here we are all sitting around and chatting……..well, Paddy was the one doing all the chatting !!  Man oh Man – typical Newfie – can he talk !!!  **wink** **wink**  Don’t worry Paddy, I enjoyed every minute of it.


Paddy and wife Bernie have 750 watts of solar !!!  WOW !!  He was explaining it all to us and of course it is a subject I’m trying to learn more about so I found it fascinating.

Bennie on the other hand really took to Ed and visa versa.  I feared Ed wouldn’t give him back to me.  LOL


Just realized I didn’t get a pic of Anne – oh well, next time for sure.

It was almost dark by the time I got back home and missed the sunset.

G’Night Folks


Friday, November 25, 2011




Beautiful day today although a bit windy.

I moved early this morning and found a spot closer to the road.  The couple in the Class A that was close by must have laughed their heads off though looking at me.  Who knew finding just the right ‘direction’ to be parked in would be so difficult.

I must have gone around in circles in this spot several times.  You see I want the morning sun coming in through the big front window in order to heat the rig – I want the rear positioned so that it would be easy to get the bike out – I want the side with the awning to be positioned so that I could sit and watch the sun set – blah blah blah.  After many different tries I think I got it.

My back yard……..


My ‘morning’ side yard.


My ‘afternoon’ side yard………


PRIOTITIES first though – get the bike out !!


Ready to go….


And she’s out !!


Too bad I couldn’t get a closer pic of this.  Two people on three wheeler bicycles (two wheels in the front) and one with a basket on the back with a dog in it. Click to make the pic larger and you will see them.


I have several projects to get done while I’m settled here.  I bought this insulation and I plan on doing all of the backs of all the cupboards and closets with it.  I had done that in my Class C and had forgotten about it.  The DEEP COLD in Osoyoos reminded me that I had not done it in this rig !!  LOL  I would open a closet door and it would be very cold in there.


I also bought a curtain for the garage door.  This door has a small window in it and I thought a small curtain would be nice so that you can’t see in.  Well, again, the DEEP COLD in Osoyoos made me realize that perhaps a full length one would be better to keep the drafts out.


Later in the day I did end up putting it up.  Now nobody had better come by with a level ‘cause I doubt very much that the rod is put up very straight !!


I also purchased a vent cover at Camping World on my way down here.  I have two vents that don’t have covers but I just got one for now.  This one will go over the vent in the garage.  It was a bit gusty today so that project will be for another day. I gotta find that U-Tube video that I watched awhile back that shows how to install this.


Jeeze,  Where are Paul and Bob and Lawrence (my riding buds from last year) when you need them !!

When I went to take the bike out today I noticed that my prized possession had fallen off the wall.


Byron, I believe you were with me when I got that at the HD dealer in Ontario.  Remember ?  Anyhoo, That got secured back up on the wall.  Thankfully the glass didn’t break when it fell.

I did make two trips into Town today to dispense of some garbage and to fill some water jugs.  Truth really is that it was just an excuse to get a wee ride in.

The stars in the sky tonight are amazing.  There are just some things that a picture cannot capture.

G’Night Folks !



Thursday, November 24, 2011



04 - Copy


A great driving day – well it was only a few hours but great nonetheless.  The I-10E sure was busy though.  A steady stream of traffic all the way.  LOTS of RV’s and mostly the toy hauler kind.  Humongous big Class A’s towing these humongous big trailers – and I mean the triple axle kind.  Figure they were loaded with quads and dirt bikes.  I saw a lot of this also…..

01 02

Small trucks towing small trucks and both were very loaded down.  This surely cannot be safe ??  Vendors going to Q perhaps ??


Only 5 more miles to go…………


It was 3:00PM before I settled into my spot though.  I had to do the tanks and my fresh water seems to take forever to fill up.  Then I decided to check out the other boondocking areas around here instead of simply going back to the one I was at last year (Plomosa Rd.). 

While checking out one I got chatting with this couple from Manitoba.  WELL !!  When he found out I was from NL I thought he was going to shake my hand off.  LOL  Turns out their daughter-in-law is from NL also.  Then when she found out I was travelling alone, driving ‘DA HULK by myself AND ride a motorcycle – well I doubt that her jaw has closed yet.  What a nice couple. 

And what a set-up they’ve got.  They are here for the winter and don’t have to move.  He’s got a gizmo rigged up for their grey and black tanks and fresh water etc.; solar panels – the works !  I’ll have to drop back to see them when I get the bike out.


Bennie gave my lap a rest today and seemed quite content to lay on his blankie on the floor – his Harley Davidson blankie of course.



For one reason or another I decided against the other three boondocking spots I checked out and did end up back on Plomosa Rd.  Got myself in a nice spot a little farther in off the road than I was last year.  But as soon as I parked I realized I will have to move tomorrow.  There is no way on earth am I  going to be able to ride the bike out to the paved road from where I am now.  So I will have to park in a spot closer to the road.  Here’s a few pics of my surroundings….




A month from now (or even earlier) these areas will be full of RV’s.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



A beautiful and hot day here in Palm Desert.  Current temperature at 1:00PM was 75F/24C.  Loves it I do !! At one point, while driving around today, the temperature on the dash showed 87F. (UPDATE:  At 7:00PM I still have the windows open !)

It was so nice to wake up knowing I didn’t have to get on the road. Last night I didn’t even need the heat on at all during the evening.   Although I’m sure the furnace cut in overnight as I had it set to 60F.

Had a great lazy morning just putzing around and making phone calls.  Doing laundry right now and still have several other errands to do after that.  Then back to Wally’s for the rest of the day and tonight.

Got lost trying to get to the laundry place and even more lost trying to get back.  But because of that I did get to see a bit of the area.  One word comes to mind = MANICURED.  It truly is beautiful here with all the palm trees and flowers and the gardeners and sprinklers were very busy.  Now let me remind you it’s almost the end of November !!


All the street names I saw were named after celebrities ie. Bob Hope Drive; Frank Sinatra Drive etc.

When I was getting ready to pull out this morning my jacks would not retract ??  Don’t know what was up with that ?  I did check to make sure the engine was running and the hand brake was on as it’s supposed to be.  Then went out to look at the jacks and didn’t see anything obvious.  Tried the buttons several times with no luck.  Turned the engine off and on several times.  Finally I pressed the button and they retracted.  Still don’t know what the problem was so I will definitely have to get that checked out.

Because of that delay getting going I got a little present - A lady pulled into the parking lot right in front of me and came up to my rig this morning and gave me FREE 4 days/3 nights at several different RV Resorts - the closest one being Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg. So I'll definitely take advantage of that at some point over the next month or so. Gotta endure a 60 minute presentation to get this as these are membership resorts but for 3 free nights I think I can do that.

On to Quartzsite tomorrow to rest and relax for a week or so – AND get some riding in ~~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Another very rough driving day due to the awful California Highway conditions.  But I’m getting there.

Got Bennie groomed this morning – poor guy looked like nobody owned him – but now he’s back to his youthful glory……


I also got ‘groomed’ this morning and I also was brought back to my youth…  aw, who am I kidding !!  It’ll take far more than a hair cut to erase the effects of my ‘multiple’ years.  LOL  But this hair cut really made me realize that all my ‘natural’ colour (via tons of help from the various hairdressers) is no longer.  All that’s left now is grey !!  hmmmm, Have to put that on my list of priorities to get corrected right quick !!

Both groomings were done by  10:30AM and I had checked the temperature in Santa Clarita which showed a lovely 64F/18C for the High today.   But Palm Desert (my next planned stop) showed a pleasant 73F/23C as the High for today so I decided to get on the road.

At one point (no idea where I was) I ran into this….


A back up of traffic I thought.  I had deliberately taken the 210E to avoid this kind of thing going through LA.

Bennie enjoyed some air while we were stopped/driving very slowly…


Don’t worry, MOM was holding on to him so that he wouldn’t suddenly decide to jump…


Turns out there was an accident up ahead…


And once I cleared that it was smooth (well bumpy) sailing again.

I remember when I first saw these wind turbines for the first time last year.  I was so amazed.  I hadn’t seen anything like it before.  Well the City of Toronto, Ontario had ONE.  I am equally amazed again this year to know that these actually produce electric power.  I was thinking my home Province (Newfoundland) should have these ‘cause we sure get enough wind to keep them going pretty much 365 days a year !!



I’m Wallydocking as usual tonight and a beautiful night it is.  It’s almost 7:00PM right now and not only do I NOT have any heat on yet – I still have a window open.  Gawd, It was good to pull in today and be able to actually open a few windows.

I’m definitely going to stay put tomorrow and take one day off before I do my final leg into Quartzsite on Thursday.  I have a number of things to get done not the least of which is laundry.  And once I settle into Q I don’t want to have to move until I have to go get water etc.

Even the Walmart here is different.  It doesn’t have the usual Walmart colours on the building.  It’s very Mexican looking on the outside I thought.