Thursday, September 29, 2011


Friends of mine, who live in Sacramento, are selling their RV as they have purchased a Class A Toy Hauler – fellow Harley riders that they are.

I thought I’d help get the word around by posting the listing on my Blog. 

Also, I was hoping that those of you with Blogs would post the listing on your Blog as well

This will let a lot of people know about this great RV and hopefully get it SOLD for my buddies real quick !!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It’s important to get the bike reasonably centred so that there is room on both side for my feet.  After that = EASY PEASY !!


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some of you may remember way back last Spring and old work friend tracked me down via Facebook.

Well since then she has been STALKING me constantly so I decided to put her to work as my Administrative Assistant which includes making my FANCY MAPS (so I don’t get lost so often !) amongst many other tasks.

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to spend some time with her and her husband – who mentioned he would LOVE to at least ride my bike “even 12 feet” .  The other night was a beautiful day and evening and was looking like his last chance to get this golden opportunity.  I mean after all, not too many have the privilege of riding my Harley.  And I was leaving the area the following day and likely will not be back in the B.C. area again.

Here we are going over everything to refresh his memory on where the clutch, the brake etc. is.



Jeeze, I had my slippers on !!!  LOL But look at Norm’s smile !

And he’s going now !!


Gotta admit that bike looks good on him !!

Getting serious here – putting my helmet on ‘cause he’s gonna take her out on the road !!



A few videos of this momentous event !!!



What’s really impressive about this last video was that even though he stalled the bike, he managed to re-start it without stopping or putting his feet down.  Don’t know that I would have been able to do that !!



I also worked with Betty’s Sister-in-Law (Pat) for many years and she came by with Betty and Norm for a visit.  Had a really nice (but far too short) visit with her while Norm was out there having the time of his life !!



Thursday, September 22, 2011


Yes, The ramp problems continued.  Despite the previous ability to back the bike out and ride it in when I was at one site in Birch Bay, when I moved to another site I guess the slope was different and the bike skidded most of the way out.  Don’t know how, but I did manage to keep it upright. And since then I have lost my confidence and have only taken the bike out when there was someone around.

I had spoken with so many people regarding this and everybody agreed this ramp is far too steep and therefore dangerous getting a large and very heavy bike backed down the ramp. The main problem being is that there is a point when your feet do not touch the bottom any longer and you have to let the bike go backwards and still maintain your balance !! Riding up the ramp, while still hair raising, was not as difficult as you have ‘control’ via the throttle and brake. 

One suggestion was to set up some type of winch system that would actually lift the bike up and turn it around, so that then I would be riding it down the ramp…….NOT a pleasant option in my opinion.

Another suggestion was putting training wheels on the bike.  I loved the simplicity of this one but this would have to be something custom made and obviously something that could pop on and come off the bike frame quite easily.  I actually laughed when this guy suggested it and on a lark one evening I decided to google ‘training wheels for motorcycles’ and much to my surprise there were tons of websites.

I contacted Kevin, my HERO who installed the winch for me to see what kind of ideas he had.  He said he could make custom ramp extensions so that the slope and length would be far more manageable…….and most importantly, my feet would be touching at all times !!  This is the final product:

01 02

He made three separate ramps, each exactly 8’ long and 16” wide.

First order of business was to take the existing ‘flap’ part off the door.


Then place the ramps on the door to determine where he was going to drill the holes.  You see he even added something to each ramp that inserts into the door to ensure the ramps would not slip off.


Then measure the height distance to determine how many ‘blocks’ he needed.  These blocks of wood raise the door by 15” !!  Yes, That is how much that was needed in order to get a ‘safe’ slope.


And finally the BIG TEST RUN…….


He did it back and forth several times to ensure everything was safe.  And then I gave it a try – sorry, no video of that.

No, It’s not ideal and by no means the ‘perfect’ solution.  However, I am now able to, safely and with a reasonable amount of confidence, back the bike out of the garage.  AND my feet are touching bottom the whole time !!

Each ramp is heavier than Kevin had wanted – he figures about 30 – 35 lbs. each – but he said they could not be made any lighter without compromising the strength.

Yes, It’s going to be a PITA getting these out and set up for when I want to take the bike out but I remembered Paul's set-up.  So even with his fancy smanchy hydraulic doo jigger he doesn’t put his bike back in every night.  So therefore, whenever I get settled somewhere for an extended period of time and take the bike out, well it will stay out until I move.

Let’s hope this is the end of the ramp saga……


‘Cause I’m fit to be prayed for !!

The other day I went to meet another old and very dear friend, Maritza.  She said we should meet half way between where she lives (in the heart of Vancouver) to where I was at the time (in Port Coquitlam – about 45 minutes from Vancouver).  We arranged to meet at a Mall in Burnaby.

I did google the directions and saw that it was only about 20 minutes from my location.  I didn’t want to take the Freeway so I saw on google maps that the Lougheed Highway ran straight to this Mall.  I do get confused with Google Maps just in the part if I should turn left or right when I leave the Walmart parking lot.  I thought of calling my Administrative Assistant but I thought PFFFFT – this is heading into Vancouver – I know how to get there !!!!

WELL in my mind (gawd help it !! LOL) ‘Vancouver’ was left so that’s the direction I went.  I should know by now that if ‘my mind’ says left then I should automatically turn right !!  LOL  It was a spectacular day and the first time I’ve had the bike out in ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ride – going through small communities – the scenery – the smells.  I went through one particular area where the smells were so nice.  I thought of jasmine - no idea why I thought of the smell of jasmine as I have no frikkin’ idea what jasmine even is nevermind what it smells like !!  In reality I was going through logging plants and the smell was likely the one of freshly cut wood or wood ground into mulch……but I digress.

Actually going through those small communities and logging plants should have been my first clue.  I was heading to Burnaby which is just outside of Vancouver – which is METRO – NOT small town.

I left at 1:15PM in plenty of time to meet my dear friend for 2:00PM.  I was riding 45 minutes when it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps I was going in the wrong direction ??  45 minutes Folks !!  The fact that I was seeing signs for Abbotsford, Mission and even Harrison Hot Springs (all of which are the completely OPPOSITE direction) should have been another of many clues.  But oh NO, this Sassy Rider has become DENSE in her elderly years.

I finally had sense enough to stop and ask someone.  Sure enough, I was going in the wrong direction.  It’s already 2 o’clock and I had no way of reaching my friend to tell her I got lost.  I now had to track back the 45 minutes to my original location and then ride the additional 20 minutes or so to get to this Mall.  Despite ignoring speed limits, I didn’t reach there until 3:15PM and naturally Maritza had left.  Turns out she had waited until 3:10PM !!  I was sooo disappointed.

I decided to hang around there and went to lock my bike and realized I had forgotten the keys to the bike.  No problem I thought as I wasn’t going far.  It would be ok.

Finally I decided to head back home and heard something rattle.  I looked down at the right side saddlebag and the bolt that holds it on the bike was gone.  I realized that when I was at Goose Lake I had loosened them to take the bags off in order to clean the bike.  I ran out of energy at the time before I could get that part of the bike cleaned and just put the bolt back on loosely…..well this bolt had now come off and was now flying down the road somewhere !!

No problem I thought as there are two other bolts inside the bags that also hold them on…….I looked down on the left side and that bolt was still there but the back of it was gone and it was ready to come off and fly in the wind as well.  So I just took it completely off.

I’m almost home and see that I’m running low on gas.  I pull into a gas station and while going over the numerous speed bumps I hear this bang or kerplunk or something like that.  I glance in the side mirror and there is one of my saddle bags on the ground !!  I had forgotten that I had also taken the two ‘inside’ bolts off during that time in Goose Lake.

I retrieve the saddlebag and put it back on the bike just resting on the part that holds it.  I proceed to the gas station……. I can’t get gas because I had forgotten my keys and my gas tank cover is the locking kind and the key is back home.

I’m really, really, really tired at this point and headed home.  I rested for awhile, secured the saddlebags as best I could and headed back out to get gas. I needed to get gas you see because Norm was coming over for his debut Harley ride !!  That’s for another post.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Got down from ‘da mountain and spent the Labour Day long weekend at my friend Marilyn’s place.  You may remember in a  previous post where I re-united with my old friend back in July at Birch Bay, WA.  Marilyn is also crafty and her passion is scrapbooking.  Gorgeous work she does.

She greeted me with this surprise…..


She had taken this pic of ‘her boy’ while at Birch Bay.  And apparently there is scrapbooking paper for EVERYTHING – yes, including Harley Davidson !!!  I can’t even imagine the trouble she went through in order to find it.  The pic is now proudly displayed on my wall.

In her scrounging around she also found this fridge magnet….  Too cute !!


Then she got her Daughter to take a pic of the three of us and while we were at Walmart she went to the Photo Centre and produced this for me….


I had a great weekend hanging out with at M & G RV Park and even had ‘cooked dinner’ on Sunday !!  What a treat !!  A FIVE STAR rating goes to this place for sure !!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sorry Folks, I know I’m so far behind in my blogging – about 2 weeks I figure.  For me, I have to be in the ‘mood’ to Blog – to upload the pics and videos etc.  It’s not that I have been super busy, however, I must say that every day there is something to get done.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Goose Lake, B.C. and it was so relaxing being with my old friends.  Unfortunately, It was FREEZING cold there !!  Early mornings and evenings that is, as the days did warm up a smidge.

The day after we went to the Market I had decided to mosey on.  Seeing FROST on the ground the previous day was enough for this woosie woos !! As much as I liked it there, well, COLD is not what I wanted.  I was basically getting the rig ready inside for travel when the girls came over and suggested I move into a sunny spot.  You see I was backed into a site that was surrounded by trees and therefore much cooler.


This was also the day the temps in Kamloops etc. (4,000’ below) were showing in the low to mid 30’s(C) = HOT and that meant up in ‘da mountains it would be a delicious low to mid 20’s C.  When I went outside and walked around in the sun there was a noticeable difference.  So “we” moved the rig.  I say “we” because it did take the three of us (with Leona on her belly making sure I wasn’t going to rip the underside of the rig off from hitting the many huge boulders -

Nicely settled into my new spot here is my view…


Gotta love it !!

By doing this, this allowed me to stay another few days.  But all good things must come to an end and I am now into a week WITHOUT INTERNET so I started to go into the heebie jeebies and withdrawals and everything !!  Time to get back to the land of civilization……….and Wi-Fi !!  Leona figured out how to use the timer on my camera so we could get a group shot…


Nope, Bennie didn’t co-operate for that one.  Try another………….

Pose please so I can see if I have the camera lined up right…..


Another one that ‘someone’ didn’t like…..


Pose again please for the camera………….


Take the damn picture – we’re over it !!  LOL


I bid my dear friends farewell and headed down the mountain to civilization – WiFi – Cell Phone signal – and HOT HOT HOT temps.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


These gals have a great system going so they don’t have to move their rig for the time they are there.  Several large water containers in the back of the truck that get filled when they are in Little Fort (not far away) and then they transfer the water to the fresh water tank in their rig……….


A rainy evening with big rain drops almost looks like hail – yet a beautiful scene over the lake…


Didn’t realize the generator was running while I was filming this…..

Then back to ‘Da Hulk to enjoy ice cream and look at old pics on my computer…



While I was at Goose Lake I noticed water where the bottom drawers meet the floor in the kitchen area.  Thought initially that perhaps I had just spilled something so I dried it up and within seconds there was more. I had the hot water turned on for the dishes.


Not liking that I then checked under the sink.  Sure enough two of the hose connections were leaking.

So not knowing how far the water went, I then proceeded to take the bottom drawers out….


Dried up the water that ran from under the sink to the last drawer area and then Leona came to the rescue.  She released some of the pressure from the hot water tank and that ‘seemed’ to solve the problem.

MJ then came over and tightened the connections.  That also ‘seemed’ to solve the problem but the next day when I turned the hot water on again one of the hose was still leaking albeit much slower.  I tightened that connection a little more and so far so good.

Definitely will be keeping an eye on that for the next while.  Learning – learning – learning SO much about this RV living !


Every Saturday morning Leona and MJ go into the market in Clearwater, B.C. to sell their crafts.  They invited me to go along, however, they had to be on the road by 7:30 AM !!  AM !!!  As in ABSOLUTE MADNESS.  I really wanted to go but lordie lordie lordie – how do people function at that ungawdly hour ??  For ME to ‘function’ at that hour means that I would have to be up out of bed by 5:30AM as it takes this old gal a minimum of two hours to ‘wake up’.  No, I am not one of those people that wakes up ‘awake’.  You can’t blame me though as I did come by it honestly – my Mother has been like it her lifetime and is like it to this day.

AND to make matters even worse I don’t have an alarm clock.  Well I do have an alarm clock – but it’s electric and as you know by now I’m nowhere near any electricity.  We agreed that when MJ woke up at 6:30AM she was going to come over to my rig and wake me up.  Turns out I woke up at 4:30AM because my poor darling little guy was shivering to death !!  I was soon to find out why.  I did get him under the blankets again but I couldn’t go back to sleep.

When I went outside at 7:30AM there was FROST covering everything !  FROST – ICE ==== FREEZING !!  Oh me nerves !!  I said (in the back of my mind) that’s it I’m outta here the next day.  It was a  beautiful sunny day and promised to eventually warm up.  Bennie has really taken to those two – hmmmm, might be something to do with the fact that they SPOIL HIM ROTTEN..


MJ and Leona have been making crafts now for quite a number of years and I had no idea how talented they are !!  Here they are setting up….


And here is just some of the things they make and sell – absolutely beautiful….




It turned out to be another successful day for them…….


And of course Bennie  was extremely helpful as always playing ‘Guard Dog’….


There was someone there selling baby kittens and Bennie was quite intrigued with these strange creatures..


We stopped on the way home for ice cream…..


And immediately got another roaring fire going……..


And watched the sun going down over the lake…….


Obviously there is FOOD going on here somewhere…….


Yes, Another good day at Goose Lake with old friends.