Tuesday, August 30, 2011

300 DAYS !!

WOW – And here I thought I wouldn’t make it past Whitbourne !  LOL

Sure has been an ‘eventful’ 300 days hasn’t it folks.  When I think of how little I knew – how much I’ve learned – how much I’ve yet to learn – well, a life time wouldn’t be enough time.

But I have to say – not a second’s regret.  More folks should do this.

Here’s to the next 300 days…….


The rally is over, a good time had by all with not a drop of rain for the whole weekend – the bikers sure liked that.  Perfect weather conditions, albeit a smidge too hot for me.

I was going to start heading back to the Vancouver area but Sunday morning I get an e-mail from old friends of mine from my ‘Vancouver days’ – ie 70’s to early 80’s.  We had reconnected via e-mail about a year or so ago but I haven’t seen them in about 25 years !!  Their e-mail said they are in Goose Lake, boondocking, and why don’t I come on up there after the Rally.  OK, why not, I say to myself.  Because I can you know.

This place must be quite remote because there is no cell phone service there = NO INTERNET for me YIKES !!  What will I do !!??  Oh Me Nerves, I will for sure go into withdrawals !!

This place is about 120 km’s North of where I am now and part of the Highway to get there (about 10 - 15 miles) is straight UP with an 8% incline !!  Da Hulk will sure be challenged with that.

Also the actual road getting to this Lake is quite bumpy so these friends are meeting me here in Kamloops to check out the height of my rig to see if they think it will bottom out on this rough road.  So I may not really be going there.

I sure hope I can get though because this place sounds awesome.  Will let you know when I get back to ‘civilization’.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


At the Harley Davidson Dealership early in the day……..


But when the blaring music started I was outta there !!  Too OLD for that these days.  LOL

But I did get to meet some great people at this table………

These pics were taken on Saturday at a Sports Arena parking lot in Kamloops and the ‘games’ were held here.  It was a great turn-out – riders constantly coming and going but lots left early because it was so HOT.  At this point in the early afternoon it was about 34C/93F.



This is a ‘slow race’ to see who could ride the slowest and keep their balance. Keep an eye on the red bike, third from the left……….

This is the little slip of a thing riding that monster bike who won the race !!!!

06 - Copy

Bennie and I had to get out of the heat so we went inside the Arena where it was air conditioned.


At this point in the day we hightailed it over to the grass and under a tree in the shade.  They were doing the Circle 8 game but I was a little far away.  You can still see it though.

I met up with Bren and her hubby (from the HD Forums) who are from Victoria, B.C. and hung out with them today.  Notice my feet !!


Friday, August 26, 2011



I’ve been in Kamloops now for 4 days and a guest of the Costco RV Park……no amenities but the price is good !!  LOL  Lots of RV’s here every night and today being Friday they are coming in here in droves.  Glad I got my spot.  Today I had to turn the rig around though because all the afternoon/evening sun was pouring into the garage and it was too hot to sit out there.  It’s been in the high 20’s to low 30’s – C – that’s low to high 80’s for my American friends.  HOT HOT HOT !

Kamloops is a fairly large place with a population of about 85,000 and is full of hills.  Everywhere you go you are either going up a steep hill or down one.

I’m here because the the City is hosting the 2011 Canadian National HOG Rally.  There hasn’t been much going on so far but today the rumble of bikes is heard everywhere.  Every hotel/motel has bikes parked in front of it.  I don’t participate in any of the events as I just like to hang around the sidelines and people/bike watch.

There was a Poker Run but the distance was too far for me so Bennie and I went on a little run ourselves.  It was a HOT day.  The roads were in perfect condition and the scenery was gorgeous.

I really gotta clean my windshield !

Lunch break at Stump Lake Rest Stop.  Unfortunately there was NO SHADE there so it was eat and run.


The Lake was so still you could hardly tell the difference between the surrounding area and the reflection of it in the water.  It was so peaceful there and I would have liked to stay longer.


When I got back went to the HD Dealer and just hung out there for awhile.  Not a whole lot going on there yet.


I went on another short run in the early evening when it had cooled down a little – not a lot though.  It was difficult riding back with the glare of the sun.  And again I REALLY gotta clean my windshield !!  LOL


It’s Friday afternoon at 4:00PM as I’m trying to function to finish this Blog – it’s 29C/84F – I really can’t handle the heat can I !!  LOL

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well the talk of the RV Park in Birch Bay and now the talk of the Costco parking lot for the last several days !!  LOL

Actually it’s really “’da Hulk” that has got people talking.  I open the ramp during the day and so many people are curious about this kind of rig.  Most didn’t know this type of toy hauler existed – as I didn’t before I saw that Thor Outlaw in Sacramento.

Lots of questions and very long chats with some people.  I like to sit in the “garage” often and well I can’t get a minute to myself !!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last week was a quiet week in RV Land as my energy level and motivation level was quite low.  I did finally put up my new State Map.  When I did the other one on the Access I put stickers on every State I ‘drove through’.  This time I’m only putting stickers on the States I’ve actually spent time in.  The RV Guru’s of the world tell me that’s the proper way to do it.


No major rides last week – only short little runs along the beach area where I stopped and watched an older couple canoeing.




And a young teenage couple hanging out ignoring each other as that’s apparently what teenagers do these days when they like each other.


More beach scenes….


Some old friends came down to visit and have lunch.  I immediately knew this place was going to be nice when I saw this sign outside:



This restaurant has been around for awhile and I just LOVED this pic they had on the wall:


These two women worked with me while they were teenagers going through University.  We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, the view and catching up.



George (Marilyn’s husband) came down on Friday and invited me over for a BBQ.  His friend Doug (who also has a trailer in the Park) joined us as well.  We BBQ’d hot dogs on the open flame and I have to tell you it was the BEST hot dog I’ve ever tasted.  Then George BBQ’d burgers and we had salads with that.


Sat back then and enjoyed the fire.  George makes the best fires for sure.


On Saturday Marilyn came down and we went to the Market to get all the fixin’s for dinner that evening as more old friends (John and Elaine) were coming down.  Now I’ve seen Elaine recently, however, it has to have been over 20 years since I’ve seen John.  AND I didn’t take one pic !!  But again we had a great meal followed by a great fire.

Sunday morning was packing up day as my stay in Birch Bay had come to an end.  I really enjoyed my time there.

Kamloops at the H.O.G Rally up next !

Sunday, August 14, 2011


British Columbia is without a doubt one of the most scenic places in Canada ….. when it doesn’t rain !!  Vancouver in particular, despite being a major City, maintains its beauty as it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with magnificent mountains in the background.

I lived in Vancouver from 1974 to about 1990 and got to know the City and surrounding areas quite well.  I have a lot of good memories from those days and one of them is the many camping trips up the Squamish Highway to Alice Lake Provincial Park. We would start camping on the May long weekend and then every weekend until the Labour Day long weekend.  The drive there was and still is breathtaking and something I wanted to do on the bike.  So on Friday morning I packed my lunch and off Bennie and I went. In hindsight, the only mistake I made was going through downtown Vancouver to get to the Highway.  The traffic was brutal and my clutch hand was working overtime which really irritated my left shoulder.

In all fairness to this major error on my part, when I did that drive so many years ago it was from the West End of Vancouver and of course the way to go.  I had just gone over the Lion’s Gate Bridge when I needed a rest so pulled off onto a side street to this spot where Bennie and I took a little rest.


There still is no familiarity even on this well used (by me) route as apparently this Highway was given a major face lift prior to the Olympics.


I stopped at this gorgeous little pull off spot for yet another rest and for Bennie to stretch his little legs.



Here are a few short video clips of this ride……which does not do any justice to this awesome drive.  Trying to take video while riding a motorcycle is challenging at best and even more so as this is quite a twisty road……but I tried !! LOL


I had hoped to make it to Whistler ==== didn’t.  I had hoped to make it to my old stompin’ grounds of Alice Lake ==== didn’t.  I had hoped to make it to Squamish ==== didn’t.  I just got too late of a start (didn’t leave Birch Bay until almost 11:30AM) and that delay going through downtown Vancouver now put me into the middle of the afternoon.  I didn’t even make it to “Murrin Lake”

07 - Copy08




I had already eaten lunch before this stop so had my dessert….


Stopped at Horseshoe Bay along the way back.  Horseshoe Bay is a small little ‘village’ that is a popular tourist attraction.


This is where you take the ferry to Victoria (and I think other smaller Islands but I’m not sure) so I sat along the water and just watched the boats pull in and out and watch all the people.


And yes, even stopped to enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful flowers.


While sitting by the water I watched this guy playing with his dog by throwing a ball into the water.  This dog sure was getting very good exercise and kept bringing the ball back to his Owner for more fun catching and swimming.

Oh, and more dessert…..the GOOD kind !!


I arrived back at the Border at 7:15PM to a ONE HOUR wait to get across.  Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I got back and had clocked about 230km’s/143miles.  And my poor darling little Ben Man was not fit to talk to either for the rest of the night and the entire next day.  Too much for us old folks !!  hahaha


The next day (yesterday), and even today, I paid dearly for this little run.  I was barely functional and my left shoulder was screaming bloody murder all day. This makes me wonder (worry) how much longer I’ll be able to ride my bike ??  Trying not to focus on that though and live in TODAY.