Thursday, June 30, 2011


I speak to my Mother quite regularly and she is wondering why I am not rushing across Canada to arrive back in my home Province.  The current temperature there right now at 9:30PM is 8C/46F and the High for tomorrow is 13C/56F and rain, rain, rain !!  It’s been really bad weather there for sure.

I just received the following e-mail from a friend of mine there:




Installation delayed....please wait.


Installation failed. Please try again.


404 error: Season not found.


Season "Summer" cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


Please try again.


Hello All !  I do apologize that it’s been so long since I last posted but it’s been busy – and stressful !  But I am well and haven’t driven over a cliff Lynn !!  LOL  I promise my posts will be more frequent now as I have so much to catch up on.

I decided to name this post The Saga ‘cause it’s going to be in several parts.  Last time we chatted Bennie and I were off to unknown places.  To say that I was fed up with the constant rain in British Columbia would be an understatement.  Plus I had a ‘little’ something on my mind.

So on the road we get and Bennie enjoys a few minutes of beautiful air blowing through his hair.


Ben has never been a ‘lap dog’.  My Turner sure was.  Ben was always my ‘independent’ boy.  But on this day driving he lay in my lap and slept for hours.  Too adorable !!


Although I despise that ‘white’ stuff I thought this was pretty…


More a little later………

Sunday, June 19, 2011


OMG, It’s been almost a whole week since I’ve posted.  Where does the time go ?  What have I been up to ?  Well a select few know what I’ve been up to, however, for now there is still a major hush on that.  So those in the ‘know’ – HUSH !!!  In the meantime I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 or so days at Riverfront RV Park in Midway.

I tried several times to take a run into Grand Forks but the damn rain stopped me.  Finally I got that ride in.  This Town really isn’t much of anything and has no ‘character’.  But I enjoyed the ride anyways.  I stopped at the little Town of Greenwood on my way back and this place does have character !

02 01





Bennie is very excited about going for a ride on the bike…..

A great day for riding.  Look at those gorgeous clouds Sandie !!

I spent over a week at the Riverfront RV Park in Midway, B.C. and loved this little place. Steve, the guy who is in charge, was wonderful and I found it to be quite relaxing.

Last Tuesday morning I pulled out on to …………. ??? Where ?  Got my “Simply The Best” by my Tina on bust ! Notice though how quickly I stopped that video as I approached that very sharp turn !

I do so enjoy that song….and look at that scenery !


Monday, June 13, 2011


I’ve come to the conclusion that if the riding folks of British Columbia want to ride – they do so in the RAIN.  Today we went through (again) three of the four Seasons.  One minute it was sunny and warm – next thing you know the temperatures drop whereby it feels like Fall and you have to close all windows and YES turn the heat on !!  Then the skies open and it pours.  An hour later it’s sunny again etc.  It was like that today several different times.  In between Summer and Fall I checked the FAR skies and it looked hopeful so I risked taking a short scoot into the next town of Rock Creek.


So it’s been raining off and on all day.  About 1/2 hour ago I looked out the window to see this amazing rainbow !!




Good thing I happened to look when I did because five minutes later it was gone.  Do rainbows move or fade I wonder ??  It’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve seen a rainbow in the sky and this had to be the brightest one I’ve ever seen.  Naturally the pics don’t capture the brightness.  I opened the window (and screen) and hung out the window to get these pics.  Then I looked the other way and put my coat over my head to go out and get some more pics.


Oh,  I forget to give you an update on Earl – the logger guy in the tent. He goes into the woods with a crew and cuts down and plants trees.  Said he’s been doing it for 22 years.  I ran into Earl again Friday evening and he was PIE EYED !!!  Oh, That’s probably just a Newfie expression – it means DRUNK !!  But as most drunks are, he was so funny.  Anyhooo, I saw him the next day and he was limping AND he had all of his hair shaved off.  Must have been a good night I guess.  LOL  He dropped by again today and I asked if I could take his pic for my Blog. So Folks, meet Earl….


Sunday, June 12, 2011


The weather here in British Columbia is so crazy even the weather website can’t figure it out !!

Yesterday, It was forecasted for thunder storms in the afternoon.  The morning was gorgeous and very warm.  I wanted to take a wee scoot into Grand Forks which is only about 45 minutes from here.  Figuring as it was so nice in the morning I thought the thunder storms wouldn’t come until late in the day.  I got myself ready, packed my lunch etc. and just as I was about to leave I heard the THUNDER !  Aw Crap !!  Yet an hour later it was beautiful again so I decided to take a chance and off we went – keeping a very close eye on those very dark clouds further ahead.

It really is a beautiful country to be riding a motorcycle.  I passed this quaint little City of Greenwood, making a mental note to take a few hours on another day to spend some time strolling around there.  It is the smallest City in Canada.

Greenwood, BC, the smallest city in Canada, is Located on Highway #3 in the Kootenay Boundary region in southern British Columbia. The hub of gold mining exploration in the Boundary, Greenwood was incorporated in 1897. Between its colourful mining histories, beautiful heritage buildings and industrial ruins Greenwood has a great deal to offer any visiting tourist.

I wasn’t 15 kms past Greenwood when those dark clouds were getting far too close for my comfort level and then I saw the windshield wipers of the cars approaching me and they were ON.

Nope, Not going any further, I thought, so got myself turned around.  Back in Greenwood (where it was lovely and warm) I pulled into a spot to have my lunch and let Bennie run around.


The weather didn’t amount to anything – just a few sprinkles – and at least I did get out for a wee run.

Now TODAY the forecast was for bright and sunny and NO RAIN !!  So I planned to try that ride to Grand Forks again and spend the afternoon poking around.  Yet the skies looked very unsettled – it did rain – then it turned warm – and as I type this it is POURING outside !!  And I pulled the bike out a few hours ago.  CRAP !!!  Now my beautiful Harley is soaking wet !

OH BTW, The car lady is back.  As Steve said, she just comes and goes.  I figure she must have gone because it was the weekend and she didn’t want to be taking up a spot in case it was needed – as she isn’t paying.  She came back this morning and pulled into ‘her’ same spot.  And yes, she is sitting in her car.

Don (the Harley guy I met) dropped by this morning with his wife (Sherry ? ) and we had a lovely, but brief visit.  They are such nice folks. Unfortunately she has to go out of town on business this week and won’t be back until next weekend.  If I’m still here I’m hoping we’ll get a ride in.  I’m sure they know some great riding places around this area.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Life here in Midway continues to be quiet and peaceful and really quite lovely.  This place is not considered a ‘city’ nor even a ‘town’.  It is a ‘village’ with a population of about 600.  I’ve met some pretty interesting characters. A friend of mine asked if there was a McDonalds or Starbucks here !!! pffffft !!

First there was Don.  Don is retired and works at the local gas station (the ONLY gas station) part time for something to do.  Well, when I pulled up on the Harley he immediately took notice.  See, both Don and his wife are fellow Riders – and Harley riders at that.  She rides the oh so gorgeous Softail Deluxe.  Don dropped by the campsite for a visit after his shift.  He looked at my bent bumper and offered to at least take the bracket off and straightened that much out.  He returned it and put it back on today.  The bumper is still buckled, but hey the bracket is now corrected.  They are going for a run tomorrow to Penticton (weather permitting) and asked me to join them.  PRAY for nice weather !!


Then there was the 67 years old man (who told me very proudly several times his age) from Duncan, B.C.  that was on a bicycle and in a pup tent.  I asked where he was headed.  Halifax, Nova Scotia he replied !!  Folks, That’s 6,000 km’s/3,700 miles !!!  I asked him if he was going to “cross ‘da pond”.  No, he said, he’d done that just a few years back !!  He said he’s bicycled across the Country several times already over the years.

Then there was Earl.  Earl is a young man – well turns out he’s in his 40’s but I thought he was much younger than that – who lives in a tent here…………


Steve, The guy that runs the campground, let him put his tent in that shelter because it’s been raining so much over the last month.  Earl works in a logging place and he and the crew leave every morning at 6:00AM to go to work and late in the day he comes ‘home’ to his tent.

Then there was the two women who stopped by to chat today……Jerry Mae who lives in Greenwood (the next community) and Bobby (?? might not have her name right.  Jerry Mae has her mobile home up for sale and so desperately wants to travel full-time in an RV.  Any hesitations she had were completely diminished after talking with me for awhile.  Her fears were being a single women travelling alone (ie. safety) and secondly feeling like an outsider as she is single because there are so many couple RV’ers.  I think she left here pretty excited about the prospect.  Bobby also wants to buy an RV and travel, however, her husband is not ready yet to ‘give it all up’.

The ‘car lady’ is gone.  No idea where she went.  Her car wasn’t here all day yesterday nor today.  Steve told me today that he has no idea where she goes.  She just arrives, then leaves, then comes back.  He did confirm for me that she sleeps sitting up in the driver’s seat !!  I wondered about that as there is absolutely no other space in that little car !!

Speaking of Steve, well he’s really a lay back guy.  The rate here is $18.00 a day if you want a site with electric (only 15 Amps).  As I said before, there are no other facilities here.  So I just paid for one night and then we had two awful pouring down rain days and of course Steve wasn’t around.  I was thinking that when he did come around I might try to sweet talk him into a $15.00 a day rate seeing as I’m here for several days.  Well I didn’t even have to.  When he came by he mentioned that he will probably only charge me the $15.00 a day.  Then he asked me how long I was going to be here.  I said at least several more days.  Well, he said, that will make it a week – how about I charge you $100.00 for a week ?  Ahhhh Duhhhhh OK, I said !!

Looking for an investment opportunity ?  Well invest in these mosquito coils ‘cause I’m buying them by the CASE LOAD !!  I have them EVERYWHERE around my site !!!  Skeeters sure do love me.






Today was laundry day………….


And I really liked how this cloud looked………….


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bennie finally got his very long overdue bath – yet I wonder why I bother !  He seems to like going under the rig and comes back out with this black mark all across his back.  But I had to bath him anyways, even if he was going to be filthy again the next day.


I spent a week at Nk’Mip RV Park and it was time to mosey on.  Wasn’t really sure where I was headed, however, determined that heading further into the Okanagan was way too far above my price bracket !  So thanks to my wonderful Tour Guide she found me a place just less than 70 km’s East of where I was for just $18.00 a night.  However, Before I could go anywhere I had to get out of the spot I was in.

Backing up was the only option !!  GROAN !  And also moving a couple of very heavy picnic tables !  Thankfully I managed to get myself outta there.

The place where I am now has absolutely no amenities or facilities other than 15 AMP at some sites but I love it here !!  There are only 12 sites and it is a municipal campsite on the Kettle River.  Here is ‘home’ for the next days:


One thing fascinating about this lifestyle is the people you meet.  At this campground I chatted briefly with a young woman (I’m guessing she’s only in her 20’s) from Germany.  She’s been in Canada only 4 weeks and is travelling around B.C. living in a pup tent and her bicycle is her mode of transportation !!

There is a disabled woman who is living in her car !!  And a small car at that.  You can’t see into the car because there is so much stuff piled right up to the roof.  I don’t see any room in there for her to stretch out and sleep ?? The guy who runs this place says she’s here all Summer and SITS in her car all day when the weather is bad – like today – it’s been pouring, with thunder and lightening all day and it’s not warm by any means.  He said he doesn’t charge her anything because she’s so poor.  OMG, We have so much to be grateful for !!

More ‘adventures’ await tomorrow I’m sure.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Don’t know what the temperature got to yesterday but it had to be at least 30C/86F.  So I packed my lunch and headed back to the area I went to the other day to try and find this elusive turn off that would bring me to my next home.  Before that I went back to Google Maps and narrowed it down to between Oliver and Okanagan Falls and then kept zooming in until I could actually see the street names and noted that if I passed X street then I’d gone to far.  Off we went.

It was a gorgeous day to be on the bike and there were tons of other riders on the road.  Lo and behold I passed X street in Okanagan Falls so pulled in to a gas station to ask where ‘da bleep bleep bleep this street/road was.  It was just seconds from where I was.  Check this out – absolutely NO SIGNS !  Make no wonder I couldn’t find it !! The signs that were there advertised everything but the road/street name !!


Off we go onto this road and before long the pavement ended and indeed in the distance the road appeared to end as well.


I was not about to continue on this gravel road on the bike.  So that is where Bennie and I had our lunch and contemplated a Plan B.  Perhaps when I head out on Monday I may try this road further with the motorhome.  On the bright side I did see several great spots to boondock – if I wasn’t such a wuss !  They were not secluded however I still would be too nervous.  Darn !!

On this trip I did stop at Tickleberry’s as my friend Lynn suggested.


The ice cream was definitely deeeee-lish – but at $4.42 for a single cone it damn well should be !!  LOL

While at Tickleberry’s I bought this little basket….


I didn’t know I needed a wee little basket ???  But obviously I did.  Who knew !!  LOL  I did have something in mind when I did buy it though…...that ‘might’ get revealed next week.  And at $2.50 it didn’t break the Bank.

We then moseyed home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening …..



I took a pic of this adorable little trailer because I know of at least 2 of my readers that will love this….


BTW, Here are the pics of the scratches I put on the bike !!!!

11 - Copy12

Today is another beautiful day here in Osoyoos, B.C. with a current temperature of  19C/66F (at 11:00AM) and a forecasted high of 31C/87.8F.  I’ll be sitting in the shade under the trees for sure.

Friday, June 3, 2011


What a great day today was – and what did I do ?  Nothing !  Zippo !  Zero !  Zilch !  Yup, Just the way I like it.  Relaxed around the 'house', took Bennie for a few strolls and that was about it.  Love it !

A couple of canoe people enjoying the beautiful day….


And a jet-ski (far left of pic)


There’s every type of ‘camper’ here at this Park.  From the smallest pup tent to the most expensive of Class A motorhome.


I had expected a stream of vehicles to come into the Park today for the weekend but strangely enough there wasn’t ??  The forecast for tomorrow is a high of 28C/82F and for Sunday it is a high of 30C/86F.  I sure won’t be complaining about the cold !  I’m gonna melt in that heat.  But I have a lovely shaded spot.