Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Gosh, It's been over two years now since Dad passed away and there's still never a day that goes by that I don't think of him numerous times throughout the day. I still can't believe he's gone. But he would have loved the fact (and worried also) that I'm doing this and would have loved to be doing it himself. That's the type of man he was.

It's still 23C/73F as of 8:00PM and I'm sitting outside writing this.

So today I decided to clean the bike instead of running and rushing around doing errands. And I mean CLEAN IT....took off the saddlebags and windshield. I love the 'look' of the bike more with those off....but it's just not practical.

I did say CLEAN IT didn't I. LOL I only do this once a year.

When I finished cleaning (but bikers know there's never any 'finishing' when it comes to cleaning your bike LOL), I rode around the loop to get the bike in the proper position and off the road.

I saw a TURTLE on the side of the road. Now they say turtles don't move fast. It only took me about 30 seconds to get around the loop and that little bugger was already across the road going into the woods. And he was moving !! You can barely see him in this pic.

After all of that I was exhausted and took a little rest. Before I knew it, it was 4:30PM and I hadn't had my ride in for the day yet. Mom asked me the other day if I find the time long. NO !!! I'm up early and yet the day flys.
It was 5:00PM before I got out (left Bennie home this time) and knew I wanted to get back before dark, so that only left me with 1 hour. I wanted to go to Target to see if I could find that carrier/cart thing I've been looking for to use for getting my laundry to various laundry rooms in the various places I stay. They are often not very close. And I had looked everywhere else and couldn't find what I was looking for.
Well I gotta tell you it was an unbelieveable, gorgeous, warm night and I knew I wasn't getting home before dark. I just wanted to ride and ride and ride. And I only had on a T-shirt !!! Reminds me of those warm summer nights in Toronto that I enjoyed so much.....didn't like the stinkin' hot days though !
I didn't end up getting back until 8:00PM which was fine until I got to the Park. It was PITCH BLACK. I noticed as I was riding through the Park (which is quite a distance from the front entrance to my site) that my shoulders were up around my ears !! LOL Relax Denise.....
I had to leave the lights on the bike in order to see what I was doing.

Coming back through downtown was amazing with all the lights and people were strolling around everywhere. I'm going back tomorrow night with Bennie and parking the bike to take a walk around and get some pics.

I just love the peace and quiet of the State Parks. All I can hear are the crickets. My Mother would HATE it. She needs noise and lots of people around. Not me ! LOL
Oh, Last thing for tonight. I love it so much here I don't want to go but I only have this site reserved until Friday. Tried today to get it extended but they are all booked for the weekend. Bummer ! On the other hand, I'm not going to get to see much of this Country staying in one place huh ! LOL So don't know yet if I will try to find somewhere else to stay in St. Augustine's or move on.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Very warm both last night and tonight. Last night at midnight it was still 21C/70F. And this morning at 8:00AM it was 22C/72F. And at 9:00PM tonight it is 22C/72F. Don't know where I'm going next but I doubt that it will be further South. This is plenty warm enough for me.

Today I really tested the limits of motorcycle shopping. Bennie went to the 'spa' and here he is afterwards struttin' his stuff. They did a good job. But he'll be maggoty dirty by tomorrow again. LOL

While Bennie was at the Spa, I had my usual long list for Wally's. Some of the things I got were large and I had Bennie's kennel full; both saddle bags full and other things strapped around Bennie's kennel. I rode back to the Park hoping nothing would fall off.
Then I had to boot it back to pick up my baby.

The State Parks are very dark at night so I decided to get some lights. I got Christmas lights....NO, I'm not decorating early for Christmas....BAA HUM BUG I am. I just got the clear LED lights. That little few was 2 sets. Don't know if they will show up well enough at night ??

I've wondered many times why so many RV'ers have those orange things under their tires to level it ?? Those big Class A's have self-levelling gizmos don't they....or at the very least have those cheap levelling jacks like I have. Well parked here I now know why.
So while at Wally's I get a package of 10. As I'm going through my mind how I'm going to do this tomorrow I plan the scene out in my head. I would lay them directly beside the tire, then pull ahead a bit, then put the levelling blocks in place, then back onto them. All's well right ? Well, guess what ?? My 'head' didn't put up the levelling jacks again !! So I immediately went inside to do this:

And that sign will FOREVER be taped to the steering wheel whenever I park !! LOL
I just looked outside to see the lights. They don't do a whole lot but at least it's not pitch black out there. The young couple next door has a very well lit site. I must ask them tomorrow what kind of lights they use.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


This morning when I woke up (at my usual 6:00AM - 7:00AM UGH !) it was so cold in the RV that I actually turned the heat on for the first time in weeks.

Mornings are often a little chilly but only require my small electric heater on for 1/2 hour or so to get the chill out. This morning was different - but it warmed up quickly and was again a gorgeous very warm (not hot thankfully) day.

It was so cold this morning that I had to put my tea mug by the heat vent to warm it up !

I'm packed up and out of my campsite by Noon and know I still have tons of time as check in at the Anastasia State Park (my new home now until December 3rd) isn't until 3:00PM.

So I decided to see if there was a place big enough to pull over by the laundry area (which was very far from my site) and if so I would do a load of laundry. There was - and I did. While the laundry was doing its thing Bennie and I strolled down by the River and took a few pics:

Unfortunately my campsite was a long ways away from this beautiful spot - completely at the other end of the Park actually. I wish now that I had been parked up at that end.
We head now to the State Park whereby I have to drive through downtown, very scenic St. Augustine's. Took a few pics while driving. Will explore more this week on my bike.

See that BIG BRIDGE......I'll be driving over that in a few seconds.

Now the FUN begins. This State Park has NO pull-thru sites so I know I have to unhook the little pup; back the RV into the site (that is no problem); get the bike out of the little pup; put the little pup on the dolly; and then PULL the little pup into the site. Can I do it ?? I don't know at this point. I'm checking everything very carefully and trying to do it systematically:

Get the 'wheel chucks' ( is that what they are called ??) in place to make sure she doesn't roll away from me. Oh, This road is one-way and I am blocking anybody that might try to come through as it is also very narrow.

I have the RV unhooked and in the site when in fact somebody did come by. I went to him even before he stopped to explain my situation and what I was doing.

Before I could even get one word out he rolled down his window and said "That's pretty damn inconsiderate". GRRRRR I apologized and explained what I was doing and that I was doing it as quickly as I could. He just backed up without saying a word. The BAS#$##$# !! Anybody else would have said "Can I help you". NO, not this guy !

Check, Check and double check:

OK, The EASY part is done. The little pup is unhooked from the RV and the bike is out. Anybody notice in this pic that I have parked the trailer on a slight grade ??

I DID IT !! Big pup and little pup both in place and I'm sweating like a pig and exhausted !! But elated !!

Hook up the electric and water - put the table, chair and mat out. Ready to have my cuppa tea. With the mat in place I can now go to the outside 'kitchen table' without having to put my shoes back on. LOL


Getting ready to head out. We left at around 1:00PM and got back home around 5:30PM. It was so nice to have him with me and not be worrying about him barred up in the RV. Also not to worry about having to 'rush' home.

Bennie: "hmmm, Wow that looks like an awful big jump. I wonder if I can do it ?"

Bennie: "I'm not giving up yet !"

Bennie: "I'm almost out ! Now what do I do ?? MOM !"

First stop was at the Harley Davidson store.
Bennie: "See that big smile on my face. Finally she let me outta that cage. And BTW, I was a BIG hit both in the parking lot and the store. Everybody loved me and I got so many pats."

Next stop Walmart where I (quickly) went in to pick up just 2 things I needed. When I came back to the bike Bennie was just laying in the kennell watching everything around him. He really seemed content.
Bennie: "Should I try jumping ?"


Yes, Still trying to figure out those damn ratchets !!! I thought if I untangled them all and laid them all out nice and neat, I'd 'somehow' learn the 'mystery' of how they work !! DIDN'T HAPPEN ! LOL Wonder if there's a particular way the strap goes in....front or back ??

Made a visit (actually several LOL) to the Harley Davidson store in St. Augustine's. Never noticed this till now but you can see me taking the pic in the glass. Too funny.

Treated myself to a little more 'bling' for my bike. I started changing out things (apparently all Harley owners do that) to the gold and chrome 'flames' theme. So I now have new mirrors and I love them. hmmm thinking....wasn't there a post awhile back whereby some 'special' Aunt of mine said I could have her Credit Card. Mine is ready to MELT ! LMAO

Saw this miniature Police Edition HD. Took a pic of this for my Buddy Lock who rides this kind of bike. Holy EXPENSIVE Bat Man !

Also while I was at CW getting those damn levelling jacks replaced I saw this:

Thought it was a great space saving and organizing drawer so I got it. Now as I try to install it:


Job well done:

I'm already finding it so useful I'll be going back to get another one - seeing as this one didn't cost me anything....hmmm you wonder.....will save that for another post.


Lord Have Mercy ! Has it been 3 days since I updated. Sorry ! The 'Condo Nightmare' I have been living for over a year now raised its ugly head again and e-mails were flying so it was difficult to stay in the 'present' with all that crap going around in my head.

Pacetti's RV Park was ok enough. Certainly many steps UP from Cooksey's that's for sure. Earlier in the week it was better because you actually had 'space' between the 'parking lot' of RV's. That changed unfortunately later in the week. This crowd moved in right next to me and by the looks of their set-up I figured they were going to be there for months ! And they just kept adding things !

PLUS they had FIVE dogs all of whom loved to bark everytime someone walked by with their dog.....which was constant. They were so close I could hear every word they were saying. Turns out they were leaving this morning. That was an awful lot of set-up for a few days I thought.

Then two more moved in on the other side of me, between my Rv and the lovely couple I met from Regina, SK. The one right next to me was so close I couldn't even open my awning....well, that's if I knew how !! LOL


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I was going for a run on my bike and decided to ride to Anastasia State Park (1) to figure out how to get there; (2) to see what my future 'home' was like. I googled the directions carefully and STILL I miss turns and get lost. Glad I did though because I'd rather miss those turns and have to turn around on the bike rather than in the RV towing the trailer !! So at least now I know exactly where to go on Sunday.

To get to this State Park you have to go through downtown historic St. Augustine's. WOW, right on the water and amazingly beautiful. They have trolly buses for the tourist to take them around and these little mini cars/bikes you can rent to get around. Unfortunately, riding the bike I only got to take one pic and not the ones I really would have liked to take. Perhaps tomorrow I'll do it again and park somewhere.

On my way back, stopped at a light, a guy pulled up next to me riding one of those little scooters. I said to him I'd like to be riding that - rather than this big, heavy bike on these streets. He said Ya, these streets were not built for cars......and I thought......And I'm going to be driving through here on Sunday in the RV !!
So when I get 'home' (after lunch and a nap) I figure it's time to decide if this carrier I bought to take Bennie on the bike is going to work or not. I can return it.

I begin the 'strapping down' process.

Then, once I feel it's secure enough for my 'baby', in he goes. He looks comfortable enough don't you think:

It's now or never. BENNIE GOES FOR HIS VERY FIRST MOTORCYCLE RIDE. I don't know who was more terrified......him or me. I kept thinking the carrier would fall of.....or I hadn't closed the door properly and it would swing open and he'd jump out. But all went well. He barked a lot....Bennie doesn't bark much. I pulled over once to check on him and everything is ok.
What a gorgeous country road we went on. By this time it's about 5:00PM and much more pleasant to be riding than earlier today. I see a nice big place to pull in and I let him out. He's happy enough.

While we're taking our little break I just had to take this pic of the fire in the sky.